[WIP] Dwarves VS Zombies

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by andre111, Apr 27, 2012.

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    And you think it would be as succesfull as DvZ? the only reason it was/is so successfull is that is unique. there's only one server hosting games and people have to wait to join one. If you'll giva all admins the choice to use it, it will be a good plugin probably but not that popular.. Hope you concider that before throwing "away" this beautifull concept in the open =(
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    It may not be as successful as the original, but you said yourself that it would still be a fun game to play. I'm not going for The Most Unique Game Ever Created, I just want to give more people the option to play this game and also have fun coding something that has not been done before. Keep in mind that this plugin will only be based on DvZ and not a carbon-copy. Additionally, each server admin will get to do with the plugin as they please. Just think, some cool new games could spawn from this plugin - games that would previously not be possible.
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    I understand in a way, but than you should really make something way different for it to be unique =) but don't be discouraged, very nice that you want to pput time and effort in it =)
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    its me again, we got the dragon working, we want to test different classes and teh boss battle now. any testers?
    greetings adib
    ps. post your mc name here
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    when i use the bread for transformation as a tailor ive right cliked and it says using spell bla bla bla and i punch the air and nothing happens

    my in game name is:MCB7ookeZ whats your server ip?

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  6. ok so i was beta testing this with one other person a we noticed that there should be cooldowns because he was just spamming the blacksmith clock to get a ton of weapons and i saw that the spider eye would not poison them
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    sorry, apperenly the forums derped out for me and i couldnt see any replies. if there is another test later today ill try to get you in
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    I've been testing this mod out on a server and found it to be pretty darn good fun with plenty of players. It handled up to 15 players fine, without any problems I couldn't resolve.

    I have been editing the configs to work better (including the "backer" class - it seems incomplete!).

    However, I thought I'd clear up some things:
    - If you're trying to transmute and it's doing nothing, check you're not a monster!! If you relog, you become a monster automatically (@MCB7ookeZ)
    - If you're an admin (Or OP), you can cast spells infinitely, without consuming resources. Be careful, it's easy to ruin the fun! Same for monster abilities. (@PanCakesAndSyrup)

    Thanks for taking the time to construct these configurations, and I would love to trial the dragon on my server (I'd also love to see some automation of games in order to allow easier game setup).
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    You monster
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    Are you going to add any glowstone dust into the game? keeps can get really dark during the nights without light sources.... unless you want to force them to make torches.

    I've also found a small bug where when i /reset in-game, exit the server, delete my player.dat, then enter the server again i couldn't pick up any items. This shouldn't be a problem as it doesn't happen all the time but it's just for your info


    PS You spelt 'Become a Baker' as 'Become a Backer'
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    Whenever i start up the server eveyone's name says The Monster after it, and for me the magma cream does nothing, you spawn with a blaze rod and everyone else the magma cream wipes their inventory. Any help?
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    Make sure you delete all player data (it's in the map folder, under players). This will reset player states to dwarves. Make sure you stop the server first!
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    You also have to do /reset to delete the settings on his custom plugin.
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    This is a compilation of other peoples mods? Do you have permission to distribute there work? What exactly is the DvsZ.jar even for when you have all these other mods used?
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    sorry for just jumping in here, tough i looked in its source and im not a java dev or anything. but i think it is used that monsters cant pickup items.
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    how is the project going folks? =)
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    Mobdisguise does this.
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    How do you make it so player's don't spawn with a Magma Creme?
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    thats what i saw with my limited java knowledge
  20. i was testing this out again i noticed that when you were a wolf and would hit with the golden sword it would make you a blacksmith dwarf
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    Hey everyone it's working pretty good but i really don't want my players to spawn with Magma Creams, so can someone reply to me and help me out?
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    EDIT: Nevermind! Watched the tutorial, and it looks like it is a general rule and is not enforced by the plugin.

    Also if you need an experienced plugin dev I would be happy to work with you guys. I've made a number of plugins for my server and am very knowledgeable around various plugin APIs and the entire bukkit api.

    Thank you a million for making this and making it available. And especially major props to the original creators.

    I have been testing this on my server and I can see the appeal. I watched the tutorial video and noticed that the dwarves are supposed to have a monument that the monsters are supposed to destroy. For some reason that monument is not being generated. Is there a step I missed with configuring the server?

    Basically all I did was take your .zip, extract it for my server, then setup the various warp locations (dwarf, monster...). I also set the spawn to a different location.

    Is there something else I need to do to setup the dwarf monument?
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    Are you still updating this plugin because if you are I have a few recommendations
    1 give bakers more clay to start and give them coal then make so they get both of these when they transmute
    2 make it so blacksmiths get string flint and feathers when they transmute
    3 change potions to splash potions so hey are Easyer to use

    Thanks for reading I hope you do all of this!
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    Distributing plugins without the original author's permission is not permitted. We currently have and have always had policies in place against doing so, including plugin or modpack compilation as they cause an un-needed increase in support volume, are a security risk and contribute to fragmentation.

    We cannot and will not take the time to verify the contents of every plugin or modpack distributed through the Bukkit community and so we do not want to take responsibility for any problems that may arise.
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