[WIP] Dwarves VS Zombies

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by andre111, Apr 27, 2012.

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    I don't know the right forum for this, so I'm going to post this here:
    The last week I've been working on a Dwarves VS Zombies "recreation".

    Right now it is playable but not finished and it needs a lot of administration.
    It's a compilation of different plugins like MobDisguise and MagicSpells and one plugin that I've wrote myself.
    Dwarves vs. Zombies

    Develepment Status:
    Currently implemented:
    • Builder Dwarf
    • Alchemy Dwarf
    • Blacksmith Dwarf
    • Tailor Dwarf
    • Backer Dwarf
    • Zombie
    • Creeper
    • Skeleton
    • Wolf
    • Spider
    • Irongolem
    • Snowgolem
    • Broodmother
    • Enderman
    Not implemented(yet):
    • Potions(I need help with them. I can't get them to work)
    • Dragons :(
    Known issues:
    • none for the moment
    *Download Removed by Staff*

    Version History:
    • 0.8 - 29.04.2012
    - inital release
    • 0.9 - 30.04.2012
    - added missing monsters(iron-snow-golem/enderman/broddmother)
    - some bugfixes(you can no longer collect gunpowder)

    Admin Tutorial:

    1.Download the .zip and replace your plugins folder with the folder inside the zip
    2.Setting up Warps:
    You need to set up two warps:
    "monster" and "dwarf", this are the points where Players will be teleported to.
    3.Now the game should be able to run... If you run into some problems/have suggestions post them here.

    After the game: Everone should disconnect from the server, then you run /reset as the consol/admin. After this you need to stop the server and delete all [Player].dat files in your world folder. The game is now reset and you should be able to start a new one. If you run into some problems/have suggestions post them here.

    Idea by "Rob" http://twitter.com/#!/urealms (Tutorial):

    or a text epxlanation: http://i.imgur.com/iGTNO.jpg
    (Not all monsters are added.)
    Programming/Config: andre111
    Used plugins:
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    yes i am
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    I am very much interested, could you upload it now? I can use magic spells to use potions
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    I am interested in this too. so it would be nice if you could upload it
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    plz do this plz plz plz.
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    Zombies win.
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    nie that you did a remake, however, be sure not to fully copy the concept and give credit to the original creators of the game =)

    mobdisguise = spout if I'm not mistaken? Be sure to mention that =)
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    Ok, I'm gonna upload it.

    zipron: nothing is spout, you can connect with a simple vanilla client.
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    ok nice, than I was wrong =)
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    When i have the magma cream it clears my inventory. what do i do
  12. yeah when i use the magma dream it just clears my inventory but does nothing else. and you should have a more instructive guide to setting it up lol
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    yup me too.
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    I have/made a working version of DvZ on my server, but there are some things that are not right yet :(
    Maybe we could team up?
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    Can i play?
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    Not yet, as there's a problem with transmution cooldown and class selection. Add me on skype: Erikwesley96 (i need testers :p)
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    just sent u a request :)
  18. shit this would all be so much easier if the real guys just released their version
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    Hey is anyone looking for a team member, or a plugin dev?

    Here is a little bio:
    I have been running bukkit servers for about a year and a half now, I know all the ins and outs of servers, I can config stuff fast and also make my own plugins. I am not the best at making plugins but I am constantly learning. I own a 40 slot server and would donate another server just for this.

    So if anyone knows a bit about servers and needs any help/wants to make a server with me, just send me a PM.

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    I think the dragons are just players (admins usually) who use mob disguise to disguise as a dragon. They then use magic spells to 'cast' their abilities (fireballs, explosions, etc.). Even if they don't use that system it can still work for your 'recreation' of dvz.

    Best mod ever


    compliments to rurikar22 who invented this idea
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    Yes, the dragon is a player.
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    Are there any errror messages?
    Because the magmacream should give you golden tools for the class selektion.
    On my test server it's working without any problems and you should be able to just put the contents of the zip in the plugins folder.

    _Wesley Hm maybe we could team up, I added you on skype, but I'm not really good at speaking english.

    I've uploaded a new version, more info in the OP

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    wesley and i are working further on the development of DvZ, we currently are busy editing the dragon, tough to add certain stuff like destructive fireballs(bigger than ghast fireballs) we need to write a plugin for magicspells. since we cant do that ourselves we need someone else who can help us out, we might know someone who can but im not sure. if anyone can help me out at the moment it would be great.
    greetz Adib
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    I want to give my opinion about this =)

    The original concept was very good, as this plugin remake without any doubt. However, making it public I have my doubt many good game will be playable:
    every server admin who wants to play it with his/her server downloads it now and everyone will play it with a few people.. It's not as fun a 20vs20 or more. So with this remake (it's very nice) many games won't be as good as the original. You should put it on your server (or find a sponsor) and host it yourself, also writing some code to make lobbies, so things with the original DvZ are automated.
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    you have a good point zipron, tough we would need a good coder that wants to help. which i do not know anyone about.
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    DvZ inspired me to create a battleground plugin too. However, I give myself a few weeks to think about the concept first before even opening my ecplise again =D and I have to finished a webdesign project first.

    But did you guys code anything? or is it a compilation of plugins? both are nice ofcourse, but I really aim to create a new concept, combining all minecraft elements into something really cool (which takes a while).

    But if you need coders, ask for some help in the plugin section? sure some guys want to help you =)
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    I was actually looking to create a brand new plugin that combines all of this functionality into one easy-to-configure setup. Right now, there is a lot of preparation required. You have to have multiple plugins and configure them just right to make the game go how you want it to go. With the plugin that I am working on, all of this can be simplified so that all server admins have a chance to play this wonderful game on their server. :)
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    zipron, we indeed didnt code one thing, it is all about configuring it properly. tough ofcourse you need a few things coded if you want it perfectly running.
    aPunch that indeed is way easier tough it takes alot of fun out of configuring and testing and playing around with the settings.
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    I am only going to use DvZ as a basis for gameplay. My end goal is making it possible to change the gameplay experience to fit each server admin's needs. You could control the dragon yourself, you could give one lucky player the ability to control it through permissions, or you could use a custom AI. Beyond that, you can configure dwarf classes and determine an interface for selecting your class (through chat, items, mounted signs, etc.). Basically, server admins will still have the ability to mess around with settings and configuration, but instead of having to spend hours configuring multiple plugins, you only need to configure one.
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    seems cool, wish i could code properly like that, you should use magicspells as basis since that is open source
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