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    About BanBucket:

    BanBucket is a new, definitive solution for globally managing bans on your Bukkit server. As a server owner and operator, I prefer to see a ban system that acts more as a repository, and less like a judicial system. The idea behind BanBucket is to allow servers and communities to create and execute their own logic-rule based properties to decide if a ban on a player should be enforced, and to what effect that ban should have.

    No two servers are alike: so what good does a single, all-encompassing system do? It generalizes and categorizes players as 'good' or 'bad' without any regard for the type of server, or the gamemode, or the context of the ban. This can't work.

    Flying is allowed on some servers; so is x-ray. Neither of them may be allowed on other modes. The goal of this project is to bring all of those situations together and allow them to be managed under one tool while keeping the ultimate decisions in the hands of where it belongs: The owners and staff of the many servers out there.

    • Granular ban control. Subscribe only to relevant streams for your server. If your server allows flying, you can disregard bans made for a specific reason as a whole, without making individual player exemption rules.
    • Evidence collection. All provided evidence is public. It makes a great story sometimes, too!
    • Public review. Any global ban submitted to BanBucket can be flagged for review, by anyone.
    • PHP API and third party integration with popular add-ons (LogBlock, BigBrother, and others)
    • Local ban management platform. Manage your bans on BanBucket, and assign users from your server to help you do it.
    • Ban reasons are constants. Set your own messages shown to the player based on ban type on join refuse. Localize if you'd like.
    • Dispute-based, say goodbye to Reputation! Servers are 'greenlit' based on disputes lost or invalid bans submitted.
    • Distinct modes of operation. Mirror/Backup local bans and replicate changes, or use Global ban system, or both.
    • Server-based rule groups. Share local bans across multiple servers and game types.
    • Public data dumps and raw data access on demand.
    • Moderators / staff on a server are warned when a user with outstanding bans joins.
    • Its YOUR server, you make the rules. Ban players with X total bans, or ban players with Y total bans of Z type.

    Prototype system is currently under development. Any concerns, additions or feature requests for this project can be posted here. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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    Connor Mahaffey

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    Yep. We have the same goal in mind, but looking at their thread, we have several distinct differences in features, the strongest in which we are allowing servers to build their own independent rule sets in the form of 'disqualify players with X number of Y type bans.' which can be applied to a single server, or a group of servers under one common control element.

    Think of BanBucket more as a records system or repository, and less like a court system. Yes, we record bans and present evidence. We do not, however, force any type of ban on any server.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I see, well more options are always better! Good luck good sir!
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    Thanks :)

    More options are always better. I can't wait to see what Community Bans comes up as well.
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