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    Geoff Winans

    The goal of this plugin is to give the administrator of the server the ability to peek into any chest created (or opened) after it has been installed. And even modify the contents.

    - Permissions (P3, PEX, Superperms?)

    New chests will be logged to: Flatfile or MySQL
    Chests that haven't been seen before will also be logged to Flatfile or MySQL (upon anyone opening it - the assumption is that the original owner will be the one that opens his own chests).

    Tentative commands:

    /pc lookup <user>

    Returns a (paginated) list of all chests owned by <user>

    /pc open <#id#>

    Opens the chest notated by the ID.

    /pc clear <#chestid#>

    Empty the chest

    Tentative Permissions:

    peekchest.admin (Full access - View + Change contents)
    peekchest.moderator (View-only access)


    In theory, this is doable. We'll find out soon enough.
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    What build of CraftBukkit is it built for?
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    I would guess survival and other types where you don't want them to have certain items at all, or perhaps you think someone stole items out of someone else's chest that they shouldn't have.
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