[WIP/ADMIN] ShutThemUP - An all in one utility to silence annoyances on your server!

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    ShutThemUP is a plugin that allows server administrators and Moderators to silence annoyances such as greifers, chat spammers and the like with ease! Also included with mute and freeze features will be a "spell checker" which will auto correct any misspelled word or commonly know slang. This will be customizable from a config file in which you will be able to add or remove words from the list as well as disable this feature all together. Furthermore there will be a profanity filter that is also customizable and toggle able from the config file as well!​
    -[ FEATURES ]-
    * Mute annoying players​
    * Mute all players at once with the exception of those who have the never mute premission​
    * Freeze people with ease​
    * Freeze all players at once with the exception of those that have the never freeze permission​
    * auto correct misspellings and slang (currently working on)​
    * remove profanity from family oriented servers! (currently working on)​
    * Auto-correct and the profanity filter are customizable as to what words are on the list and whether the filter and correction is enabled or disabled! (currently working on)​
    -[ Todo list ]-
    * Make profanity filter​
    * Add an option to set a time length for the mute/freeze (ie. /mute <player> <time in d,h,m,s)​
    * Add auto correct​
    * create the config​
    -[ Alpha Changelog ]-
    -Version 0.6​
    *Added unmute/unfreeze commands​
    * fixed minor bug​
    *next version will be an Alpha test release​
    -[ Known Issues ]-
    * None currently​
    This is my first Official plugin please leave any comments or suggestions below they would be GREATLY appreciated!

    I will have an alpha test build up within a few days I want to finish more features first and bug test it before I do.

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    Goes on family orientated server
    Sees no swearing.
    Does /pl
    Sees word ShutThemUp.
    No longer family orientated server.
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