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  1. This program does that stupid copy/paste and refactor work you need to develop java plugin for bukkit. In other words, this's used to create an empty plugin which only registers in bukkit's plugin system. This is really helpful tool for new developers who don't know where to start. It's customized especially for Eclipse(I'll add more IDEs soon).
    Windows Instructions:
    1. Please note that windows-only version is discontinued
    2. Download bukkitpluginkit.exe from http://sourceforge.net/projects/bukkitpluginkit/files/bin/bukkitpluginkit.exe/download
    3. Remove .txt extension (you may need to enable shoving of known extensions)
    4. Launch the self-extracting archive,extract it where you want and follow instructions in Readme.txt
    Other systems:
    1. Download BPK_Java.zip from http://sourceforge.net/projects/bukkitpluginkit/files/bin/BPK_java.zip/download
    2. Extract "java version" directory
    3. Open Readme.txt & follow the instructions.
    Video tutorial(outdated,but helps):
    Enjoy :)!
    AND be sure to report any bugs occured while using the program.
    BPK for Windows Updates:
    19th Jan 2011 - FATAL UPDATE!!! - Recoded in VB.NET check out Readme.txt in ZIP!
    24th Feb 2011 - Editable template for easier template updating & GUI hook adder
    22th May 2011 - Windows version officially discontinued - for updates download java version
    BPK java version updates:
    17th April 2011 - initial java version release
    11th May 2011 - java version is updated & it's stable (but doesn't support hook adder at the moment)
    22th May 2011 - template updater,better GUI layout,less size,still no hook adder :(
    6th July 2011 - FINALLY HOOK ADDER :D, still no cross-ide support :(
    *Replaces <yourname> and <pluginname>
    * GUI
    * Custom output path
    * Generates also .project and .classpath for Eclipse
    * Editable template
    * GUI hook adder
    * More is going to be added
    * License Tool [work in progress]
    * Command Adder [work in progress]
    * Configuration Tool [work in progress]
    * Help generator [work in progress]
    * Permission Wizard [work in progress]
    * More to come!
    If you want source,download the BPK_src.zip or BPK_java_src.zip file.
    If you want me to add something to the program please PM me/Reply this thread/Send me e-mail to [email protected]
    BPK's SourceForge page : http://sourceforge.net/projects/bukkitpluginkit
    My twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/tomsik68
    If you want to support me, just download Windows version here. Thx to all supporters :).
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    Thanks! I'm checking it out now. There are some plugins I would like to write so hopefully this'll help.
  3. This is great
    would really speed up the wiki process
    do you mind if i put it on the wiki
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    I don't think it really speeds up the way it is right now.
    I think the right way to go about this would be template files, where the <PluginName> parts are actually replaced inside the files.
    If no one else does it, I will, hehe.
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    Yeah it'd be nice if the <PluginName> was replaced...

    Still it does save me my time so I can fix some things quickly.
  6. Feel free to put it on wiki :D .
    But I think it replaces steps 3,4 and 5(a little) from the 1st sequence. You always need to create Eclipse project but you just copy files created by this kit into your project folder.
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    Here is a proof of concept I made a few hours ago,
    I basically copy pasted the whole thing into a blank project and kablamo,
    it works.
    So, this takes care of all the replacing and also gives a proper folder structure and package structure (as it seems lukegb doesn't approve the org.bukkit.authorname.pluginname
    he actually prefers if the used structure is bukkit.authorname.pluginname

    Just fill in the fields,
    get a zip file with a nice point to start of.
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    nice, thanks:D
  10. So much ways to make plugin development easier...:D. Seems like here's a lot of people with the same idea ;).
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    You could try this new thing called.. uh, giving people a clue what something is and does before you have them download and extract a ZIP file and then run unknown batch files.
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    Heres what is it gives you the files you need and to start your own plugin it even places prepares the files for your plugin... wait is that not what you expect from a plugin development kit? like what did you expect it to do, robhol?
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    Mine is basically the same as the one the op gave. The difference is that mine scans the default files that are included for keys, at the moment they aren't the best keys, and then replaces those keys with the plugin name, the author's name and the version number. Then you click finish and select where you want them to be saved. It copies the files to that location then deletes the temp files it created.

    If you need it to do more, I can get it to do what you need.
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    You can get rid of the whole editing setup.bat thing if you replace the lines where you set the stuff with this:
    set /p USERNAME=Enter your name:
    set /p PLUGINNAME=Enter your plugin's name: 
  15. Yeah you can try it - I'm not very good at batch ;)...

    People can feel free to look into the batch files throught any text editor before executing the batch files - *I think* I have got no way to hide batch source from people who download the files. They can also look into the files. This kit is directly OPEN-SOURCE AND I have got no reason to put any viruses there... If you don't believe me, remove @Echo off from both batch files and you can see everything the batches do.

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    I know how to open a batch file, thank you very much, my point was that there's no info whatsoever in the post.
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    @Pezmc I made a better linux version. First, the pause function breaks it instantly in linux. I also made it edit the files and replace <pluginname> and <Username>
    (Rename newproject.txt to newproject.sh then go to your workspace directory and run it.)

    Attached Files:

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    Thanks. I haven't really programmed anything in my life so I am hoping that this will help me in my learning process
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    Scent Tree

    The kit doesn't seem to work with the newest Bukkit build
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    Because I am new to Eclipse, how do I specify the build path?
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  24. In the project explorer on the left right-click project select Build Path>Configure Build Path
    and then select Add External JARs and browse to your bukkit.jar file.
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 5:51 PM ---
    Thanks ;).
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    Can I get the dw?
  26. Sorry, I didn't understand. What's "dw"?
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  28. It's on the top of page [​IMG].
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    on my plugin's main .java file, I am getting this error on the line of my package name:
    The type com.avaje.ebean.EbeanServer cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

    here is a picture of the problem:
  30. This's BPK's major problem. It doesn't include the JRE system lib in the build path. Try to add JRE system library into the build path using "Add Library" button or download new template(it should be fixed there).
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