Will Bukkit update for pre-release or leaked builds?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Oct 11, 2011.

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    As I'm sure we're all aware, Mojang have adopted a new development and distribution model for Minecraft since around 1.8 was in development: pre-release builds. Though it really goes without saying, I'd like to make Bukkit's stance clear on these and other experimental builds:

    At this point in time, Bukkit will not be supporting any build that is not an official update for Minecraft released by Mojang. If Mojang don't feel that they can recommend and stand by the builds they've released, then what makes you think we can recommend them either?

    Keeping up with pre-release builds is an unrealistic feat. With each Minecraft update released we need to rewrite a large portion of CraftBukkit in order to make our work compatible with the Minecraft update. As it stands, the amount of work it would require to update our work for every pre-release is not worth it, especially if that work becomes outdated within two weeks or so.

    Thanks for your support and understanding in this matter.
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  2. Well, you just did ^^
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    Yeah, but you wrote my post for me ;) So I had to comment on that, and thank you for it ;)
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    Right. While I risk derailing the thread, I do feel compelled to sign on to this sentiment. There are two extremely irritating stock-comments bandied about far too often on these forums and others, and Mr. Pierson's comment contained hints of both.

    1. "You can't do better so (or Mojang has done so much already that) you have no right to complain." All works are rightfully subject to criticism if voluntarily made available for public scrutiny; this is true irrespective of the audience's individual or collective skills. It would be asinine to assert that one may never, e.g., comment negatively on (and/or propose alternative paths for) the plot of a movie merely on the basis that said critic could not personally write, direct, act, and produce a higher quality picture. Implicit in any product's release is an invitation to comment...

    2. "It's Mojang's game, they can do as they please." True, but it is commonly said that a business' prerogative is action in accordance with the will of its owners and compliance with the will of its customers. Simply put, we paid for a commercial product. Obviously Mojang's duty to deliver in a legal sense is restricted by the actual letter of its promise, i.e., "a beta game that we plan to change a lot, dear customer," but still. Although there may not be a legal requirement that Mojang conform with its customer's wishes beyond this, there certainly remain strong normative and financial reasons that they do so...

    Bukkit, on the other hand, is not subject to the same analysis. While some measure of complaint may be justifiable under the logic in (1), the fact remains that none of us really paid for what the Bukkit team provides us. And we know all know this, a fact reflected in the the relative dearth of anti-Bukkit statements in this thread vis-a-vis those of anti-Mojang character. We're mostly content to wait for Bukkit's releases; we're not so content when Mojang jerks us around for a few months. But c'est la vie.
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    How the heck are you supposed to do that?? If I knew how to do it I seriously would!
  6. Bukkit's source is online. https://github.com/bukkit

    The CraftBukkit source is the code that actually implements the server.
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    I dont like this idea anymore as they arent releasing anymore OFFICIAL releases anymore... instead theyre waiting till the full version.. so Please please please do not wait till full version... or make a different type of bukkiit for prereleases... there are already about four different bukkit anyway ----- or maybe im to impatient but this has become impractical... read notches blog
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    They are releasing official releases, it just so happens the official release will be the full version next. After that, there will be more official releases. It is in no way impractical, there could be 2-3 more pre-releases and we don't want to recode for each one.
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    Didn't expect you guys doing the Pre-Releases and don't mind that.
    I wouldn't want to update my server with every pre-release either, so I'm good with the last recommend build and a new one when there is a stable, final update to Minecraft :) (and i believe you will bring one out if there is one, right?)
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    Wouldn't it be nice for the community though to do the last pre-release before the official release? Reasoning that people didn't know you weren't going to do pre-releases, and already upgraded. Now we all know and a lot of us have worlds running on pre-4 that we would like bukkit for. And since we all know now, we wouldn't be upgrading to pre-releases going further, knowing that bukkit will not release for them.
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    This forum is about Bukkit, not Bravo :p
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    The point of the prerelease is to test vanilla minecraft, so that there is no need for patches 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3, etc.
    Also with the prerelease approach they can test parts instead of whole mechanics (like brewing potions).

    Mojang also said this would be the last feature update, which will be followed by a "fixes only" update for the official release.

    It would be nice to give the bukkit team a heads-up half a week in advance, so they can patch bukkit and warn plug-in creators to check their stuff. But then again, if server visitors are too ignorant to know not to update right away it's their own fault.

    It all takes time, and we know it's coming. Be glad they are not shipping crappy bug-filled updates.
    I personally applaud the current system as it takes needless updating pressure away from server admins.
    Once or twice a month is more then enough ;-)
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    I was using 1337, but I also noticed that in the log.. hence I downloaded the 1344 version.. So no.. it's not fixed in 1337..
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    I totally agree with this, This is one of the mean reasons I stopped developing, Also, I'll develop again when Mojang releases a new, stable build (1.9 final)
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    Nathan C

    No, it is Notch that is leaving you in the cold. Notch is the one that wants to do pre-releases, not Jeb or Bukkit and Notch is the one that knows that we have to use Bukkit. Do you think he cares though?
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    No really, it is fixed in 1337. You just have to use 1337 to see it. The version number displayed at startup is automatically included into Craftbukkit and there is zero chance that it could display the wrong version. You may have mixed up the versions on your hard drive or downloaded the wrong version because of the similar build number.

    Happens to the best.
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    So I'm confused. Are you not working on ANY development for the pre-releases? Or are you doing work to keep up with it and just not releasing it until the update releases? I mean, it seems that if you were working on developing it while the next patch is in pre-release, you could release it to the public that much faster.
  18. Do some research before making claims like that. Notch's code is obfuscated which means everything gets random nonsense names every time he builds it. The Bukkit team has to figure out what every name means and test it to make sure. The random names in the pre-releases won't be the same as the random names in the release. Why do you think it takes them so long every time an update comes out? Nothing is similar enough to predict.
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    Actually I believe that Bukkit has access to the Minecraft Source Code BUT the issue is not only re-writing nms with every release BUT also obfuscating the code back so it works.

    Could be wrong but from what I have seen around....
  20. The code is still very different between batches that Notch releases.
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    Everything I have read about him makes me think he has no idea what he is doing and he just got really damn lucky with someone else's idea.
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    Whether or not the idea is original, we are all here because we like Minecraft.

    The pre-releases are a good idea, as the bukkit team wont have to keep up with 5 patches a week after a new version gets out full of huge critical bugs. Or have we all forgotten the past already?
    Instead they can now wait for the official 1.9 to release (and soon the communisty starts updating plugins).

    I know waiting is hard. We all feel the pain.

    Pre-releases allow for partial mechanics testing. Or do you enjoy collecting items that will be removed later, jumping to disconnect and lose your inventory and have random chunks in the middle of your creations just go *POOF*?
    Sometimes stuff just doesn't work (like the pistons still removing blocks with their numerous bugs). So be glad that they are taking the time to work on a good quality patch with lots of juicy new content.

    In the meantime, you can get ready for 1.9 by exporting all your most important structures. So you can reset the main world when 1.9 arrives. If you are done, try adding more buildings and exporting those as well. Getting bored again? Start a website where you share your mine-craft schematics with others (like in Spore).

    Rest assured the bukkit team will be on it and deliver us a 1.9 as soon as they feel comfortable with it's condition. If it takes a couple of months for 1.9 to officially release I'm sure they will revise the no-pre-release support.
    But for now also remember that leaked builds are unsafe, untested, unsupported by Mojang and last but not least: illegal (As they are obtained through non-official channels and are thus pirated versions. Sure we bought the game and it's updates, but the guy injecting spyware and viruses into leaked builds is the only one who cares for your convoluted sense of entitlement).

    Sometimes I just like feeding the trollz. Sue me ;-)
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    I liked your post, but this has been wrong for a long time. Mojang them selves "leaks" the builds with hosted by Mojang links on twitter ;)
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    To be fair, I could care a whole lot more than I do about pre-releases and the full version of minecraft. The only reason I play is because I host a server for my mom and she gave me the money for the game.

    Also, without Bukkit I probably wouldn't play at all. So thanks Bukkit Team for allowing people to really be creative outside of just some blocks.
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    We've been planning to get a 1.9 development build out, however we recently discovered that Mojang are planning to release a new pre-release/release candidate soon so we're going to wait for that first.
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    Thank you for answering in the positive!
    So I assume that we wait quietly until you all have had a chance to pull 1.9Pre5 apart and put it back together?
    I'm fine with that, glad to hear there will be actually be a bukkit build for 1.9 at all.
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    woo, pre5
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    New Iron Block texture; now it looks decent when placed inside for decoration.
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    Is pre5 the one you're waiting for or full release?
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    It's out :)
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