Will Bukkit update for pre-release or leaked builds?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Oct 11, 2011.

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    As I'm sure we're all aware, Mojang have adopted a new development and distribution model for Minecraft since around 1.8 was in development: pre-release builds. Though it really goes without saying, I'd like to make Bukkit's stance clear on these and other experimental builds:

    At this point in time, Bukkit will not be supporting any build that is not an official update for Minecraft released by Mojang. If Mojang don't feel that they can recommend and stand by the builds they've released, then what makes you think we can recommend them either?

    Keeping up with pre-release builds is an unrealistic feat. With each Minecraft update released we need to rewrite a large portion of CraftBukkit in order to make our work compatible with the Minecraft update. As it stands, the amount of work it would require to update our work for every pre-release is not worth it, especially if that work becomes outdated within two weeks or so.

    Thanks for your support and understanding in this matter.
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    While I would like it if you did support them, I can understand your point. Having to spend a full day of work just to have to do it again every week would be a lot of work. Its too bad they decided to skip any official updates for a month, but at least after that it should be smooth sailing.
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    @Dinnerbone has commented that while you are not pushing updates for the prereleases, you are watching them and doing work to keep up - any chance we can get a branch on github to play with, with the explicit understanding that it is likely to be broken until an official RB in November? Or do you think that would result in a support nightmare?:(

    I tend to agree that it would result in suport issues as people would grab builds from unofficial sources and then complain that things where broken; however it would be nice to be able to observe progress. A catch-22, indeed.
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    I believe this is a good thing.

    Keep it up!
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    Thanks for the notification.
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    Gah! Understandable but gah!
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    Thank you EvilSeph for the information and listening :D
    This is the kind of informative front page I would love to see more of :)

    Let 1.9/Final wait and just give me some proper BukkitDev :D
    On a more serious note: I'm hoping this will mean the Bukkit Team will have more time on their hands to do some work on BukkitDev and some other stuff that has been down prioritized.
  9. Yay :D Have you guys seen whats coming in 1.9? It looks awesome, there also bringing in Dragons soon too :D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. I totally agree with EvilSeph. What's the point of keeping up with the pre-releases when they are only experimental and unstable, not to mention that some stuff is not even fully implemented yet.
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    This drives home the point of an API for interfacing with game versus the decompile, refactor, etc. Since there is no current API, they have to do it the hard way here, which personally I would love this to be the official API (however unlikely that may be).
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    mojang needs to hire you guys already!
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    Good. I would only want to play on a non-buggy game.
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    I totally agree. With all the 1.9 pre-releases they've only brought me grief anyways. I honestly only pace myself based on Bukkit releases, not Mojang. Keep up the great work.
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    Dragons and Baby Animals.. bah - all fluff and no substance... I'd really prefer reliable solutions to performance problems, cheats, glitches and various exploits. As a server over not looking forward to the chaos of the next couple months... but also cant wait for finality too..
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  16. Fair enough, i would personally also prefer performance tweaks. Seeing as Runescape is a far more complex game, and yet that uses less than 512M ram on my pc, and hardly any cpu.
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    This! :) Performance problems, cheats and exploits is the biggest game changer for me.
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    Performance optimizations are one of the last steps before releasing a game. No point in optimizing code mid development if it is only going to change later.
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    It's not mid game any more. In fact it is the last steps before releasing a game. The game has to be finished in 29 workdays. They need to hurry the **** if they want a stable release, reading about the current state of 1.9 it seems a bit far fetched. Especially considering this post from Notch:
    "We’re adding features and cramming in content, and then started feature creeping and content creeping. "
    Cramming in content? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. We'll just cram a shitload of crap into a game that is ridden with bugs, performance issues and exploits already. Adding a crapload of new content will surely fix those problems.
    Wondering whether the final version will at all be playable unless you buy a $5.000 server, and a $3.000 client PC.
    Hey, that might even be good business. Selling Minecraft server licenses only when buying a High-End server from Mojang, and transfering $3.0000 to Mojang will you get you nice shiny Minecraft account + PC to play it on.

    Yeah, I'm exaggerating, but come on.

    A game that has been 3 years? on the way, has all of it's life cycle been ridden with bugs and exploits and performance issues, all releases so far have been a complete disaster (Bug wise), every time new content was added, more bugs appeared, suddenly have 29 workdays left before release, and they are still adding more content?
    I know they are running shorter pre-release cycles, but come on.
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    I believe Notch said on twitter that for the last month or so the would stop adding new stuff and work on performance, though it looks like they keep adding new things. Hopefully the stuff in 1.9 PR3 is the last of the new things being finished, aside from the dragon, and will hopefully get finished soon so they can get to work on better performance. As of now Minecraft does take up to much CPU and RAM I'd like to see the game not lag on my average PC without having to install OptiFine.
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    Fine with me, certainly didn't expect pre-releases to be supported especially considering their rapid release cycle.
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    This is actually good for everyone. If you release pre-release builds all of the ignorant server admins will load them up and complain loudly when their worlds get ruined and they didn't backed up.

    Also, about ram and CPU, it's important to note what goes on in minecraft. Wereas in a game like WOW you have premade polygons that can be optimized at compile time, the geometry, lighting, and and textures are all changing hundreds of times per second. (Think about water and lava and stuff) Beyond that, there are hundreds of entities each with their own stats that all have to have their AI update in real time. Because of all of this, minecraft is incomparable to any other game and you can't legitimately complain about speed. Now, it the code slow and buggy? Yes, but it's also insanely fun!
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    I completely understand, I wouldn't expect anything else tbh.
    Like @cyberdude said, we could use the extra time to optime/perfectionize other systems.

    Now I need to find myself an animal breed plugin... waiting for 1.9 my players committed genocide on the local life stock...
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    I agree with your logic though. If Mojang doesn't fully support it, then Bukkit shouldn't either. It would be nice though to get updates. Maybe you guys can use the PR builds as something to start working on.
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    Give me pre-release support now.
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    Give me pre-release support now, or else I'm moving to Canary.
  27. What AI? :p
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    I'm not surprised at all and fully support this. Unfortunately for my server, I've dropped Bukkit since 1.9 pre-release...Not because I don't absolutely love Bukkit and can't imagine a Minecraft server without it (trust me, I've been feeling the pain of vanilla MC...), I couldn't expect the Bukkit team to go along with this Mojang nonsense.

    IMO, Mojang should just shut the doors and work towards getting it released on time and completed...instead of these pre-mies. As always though, much love for Bukkit <3

    PS: Does this mean that 1.8.1 is the final stable release (for Bukkit) before the MC final release? I hope so - means I can go back to Bukkit for a month or so.
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    I'm still annoyed at Mojang for deciding to not release an official 1.9. I don't want to play 1.8, as I already know the terrain generator drastically changes again in 1.9, but now nothing is being supported for 1.9 so now my server is just vacant and I'm paying for nothing. They're killing server admins with all of these pre-releases, it was fun at first but it's proving to fragment the community between versions.
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    Completely understandable EvilSeph, though this is common sense, I'm sure it was needed for people who don't understand how things work.

    Keep Up The Great Work!!
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