Will Bukkit support custom sounds?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by HerobrineLivesHere, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. I got a question about Bukkit in 1.7. Will is support custom sounds? Now when you can make custom sounds in a resource pack, will is support custom sounds that the resource pack add? Will this also allow plugin developers to create custom sounds for their plugins if they use a special resource pack?
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    Yes, I think it will.
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    Resource packs mean you can replace existing sounds, not new ones. This has almost nothing to do with bukkit side as the client is that one that plays the sound.
  4. But in 1.7 you can add new sounds with resource packs without overriding sounds. So will it be possible to add custom sounds then? (But only the players with the resource pack would hear them)
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    It is possible with the /playsound <sound.path> <players> command. I think Bukkit will implement something similar to their API.
  6. But you can add custom sounds like in this way.
    "CustomSound": {
    "category": "music",
    "sounds": [

    "CustomSound" is the name and then "custom/music/haha" is the path. That is what I mean with custom sounds.
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    Custom sounds are handled by the client with the resource packs, the server cannot tell what sounds the client has. What the server can do is send a packet telling the client to play whatever sound is at the path that was chosen( like custom.music.haha ). If the client has the sound, then it will play it; if not, it wont.
  8. So if I understand it right, you CAN have custom sounds and the sound can be heard if the player has the resource pack. Am I right or wrong?
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    Yep thats basically it. And the resource pack thing shouldnt be a problem now that servers can send clients resource packs automatically in 1.7.2
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