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    Aye. I need a quick plugin for my factions server. It is pretty simple, and seems like it wouldn't be that hard to code. The idea is that you do /wild and it TP's you to some coordinates (which I can edit in the config), and it says <Factions> You have been teleported to the wild. Good luck!

    OR &7<&4Factions&7> &2You have been teleported to the wild. Good luck!

    THANKS, hope someone will be generous to make this! :D ;)
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    Add me on skype: Ambamore
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    Seems SUPER easy! If no one else makes this I'll do it as soon as I have a spare moment. I am assuming you don't want to use warps or faction spawn or anything since you just want the command /wild?
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    There are several plugins that can do this for you, that are already coded. All you need to do is make your own command and add an alias.
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    Did you end up making this plugin??
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    i'l do this
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    Made this a while back, does exactly what you want.

    Player Commands:

    ^^ all do the same thing, takes you to a random location.

    Admin Commands:
    /addwildlocation - Adds the location your standin in to to Locations.yml file.
    /addrandomlocation - Adds the location your standin in to to Locations.yml file.
    /randomtpreload - Reloads files.

    randomtp.reload - access to reload the files.
    RandomTP.admin - access to add locations.

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    ImDeJay wow i was just about to upload mine x3 haha gg
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    Yours may be better than mine so upload it, i wasnt trying to take it from you, most people say they will make a plugin and never do so i went ahead and uploaded it. didnt mean to step on your toes lol.
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    ImDeJay yours is better than mine lol

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