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    On my server, I have some Spleef arenas. SuperSpleef was working fine until last night. Every time I did /ss help or any other spleef command, it said this: /spleef ss [args](look at pictures below):


    If anyone can help me It would be appreciated! :(

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    I too have this plugin on my server, but I left it for another owner to mess with :p

    Is it still coming up with this? Try reloading the plugin or uninstalling it and installing it back.
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    Originally posted at http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/super-spleef/?comment=926

    Here are two issues I had when setting up SuperSpleef.

    Issue 1:
    Super Spleef would not work for anyone after setting permissions, floors, and warp points. Trying to use manual commands ( /ss join 1) resulted in the /ss spleef [args] error.

    Workaround 1:
    Reloading all plugins (/reload) fixed this but I'd rather not have to reload all plugins. Spleef doesn't appear to have individual plugin reload capability. Using the Reloader plugin I was able to restart the Spleef plugin without a server restart or full plugin /reload by using:

    /reloader reload SuperSpleef

    Issue 2:
    Super Spleef returned an error and would not start on server restart. [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Super Spleef vB 0.1.7 (Is it up to date?) I suspect that SuperSpleef was conflicting with another plugin or needed to be loaded after a certain plugin.

    Workaround 2:
    There may have been an simpler way to do this but I installed the Autorun Command plugin. Using this plugin, I was able to have the /reloader command from above run after server restart. It seems to run after all plugins have loaded. This took two console commands:

    /addacommand spleef reloader reload SuperSpleef

    /addstartupcommand spleef

    Restarted server and SuperSpleef is fully operational with one exception. Regardless of config, It still won't autostart when only two players join.
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    I did the same thing with PluginManager. I left the plugin because of that. For now i recommend HeavySpleef that has more features like Splegg and BowSpleef ;)
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