Why isn't Bukkit the vanilla server software?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by LEOcab, Sep 14, 2011.

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    I don't know why anybody would run a vanilla server for any other reason than to play with their trusted friends. There are many useful/amazing plugins in Bukkit that I consider "must-haves" but I could probably live without most of them if I had to. The real problem is that people are evil. With vanilla, there's no way to detect and/or prevent hacking and griefing. :(

    So why doesn't Bukkit team up with Mojang to make Bukkit the new vanilla server? They're already working together, aren't they? Mojang said Minecraft will have modding support. If this means server-side modding then they would re-invent the wheel. :D

    There's probably some crap legal reason not to do it, but it'd still be a good idea.
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    A very good idea!
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    Like this!
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    "re-inventing the wheel" is usually used to describe a useless and repetitive action, but alright.
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    Mojang writing their own server with modding support would be useless and repetitive because Bukkit has already done it. :confused:
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    Oh, I see what you were saying now.
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    I have thought this many, many times.
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    From my understanding the idea behind minecraft adding plugin support will do exactly what you are asking. Bukket is the "middle man" for plugins to communicate with minecraft. Once the plugin support has been added to Minecraft bukket will not be required any longer.

    But don't expect this any time soon. Meaning after minecraft moves out of beta.
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    I dont think mojang would completly do this on their own, they would probably get help from the bukkit staff to do it because. The staff have so much experience.
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    I think it would be cool is maybe bukkit became sort of a division of mojang so they could that way atleast get paid for the hours of work they put into bukkit (other then the occasional donation)
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    When they do that Mojang has to profit share.

    Mojang never profit-shares.
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    How do you know this? Do you work in their financial department? what facts do you have to support this statement?
  14. /me points out "Modding support" == Source code
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    Plus, tiny budget is tiny.
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    Unless of course he has Alzheimer's disease and forgot.
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    If you're trying to get Mojang to do that for you at the same time that you're trying to cut into the profit sharing, they will probably deduct a "fee" for doing that, rendering you with = $0!
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    I like the idea. But then that might dissuade other people trying to make something better. Although I don't know of any other ongoing projects.
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    Profit before fee: $0
    Profit after: $0

    Yea, i dont mind them doing it :p
    Unless they have:
    if (player.payedfor){}
    Else{Player.sendmessage("Buy it bitch");
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    Didn't the bukkit team mention interest exactly the same as this idea a while ago in one of their updates?
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    Actually, it'd be -$$ for you because they took your idea from you @ no cost!
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