Why everyone moving?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by IamNoob, Dec 23, 2014.

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    Why does everyone move their plugin to Spigot and make it Premium? What with bukkit?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @IamNoob Probably because you aren't allowed to ask for money on Bukkit while you can on spigot. People like money. Simple as that.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @IamNoob On spigot you NEED to pay for some things,you don't need to pay donations. Guess which one gets more money?
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    Another thing people are saying as to why the go is 'Bukkit is dead. Spigot is the new thing'.
  6. Spigot's not the new thing, though. It's an old thing with a new thing. It's not the old thing either (although, to be fair, hMod is more the old thing than Bukkit, but Bukkit is most definitely the new old thing), it's just a newer old thing. It's a newer old thing with a new thing. Unfortunately for them, their new thing will sooner rather than later be an old thing, so they're going to have to keep getting new things to still be seen as 'the thing'. Other new things are working on new things, too, and people might want to use a newer thing rather than an older thing, but sometimes older things have more things to offer than newer things, because the newer things have not had the time to create as many things. We'll have to see how that goes.

    So, that make sense? For the record, I do have a valid point! :p
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    I understand your opinion on Spigot but face it. Bukkit/CraftBukkit will not be updated by the Bukkit team. You can either accept it or don't.
  8. I accept the fact Bukkit/CraftBukkit will not be updated, I don't accept the opinion that that makes Spigot's update official :)

    Edit: Also, I'm not sure you do understand my opinion. The post you quoted wasn't talking about whether or not Spigot should be considered Bukkit :p
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    I completely agree with you. I was just saying what other people were saying as to why they left :p
  10. I am on Spigot a bit and Mc-Market but I still support and spend all my time here on the Bukkit community.
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    But Bukkit and CraftBukkit are being updated by the Spigot team. You can run the New CraftBukkit 1.8.
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    Exactly. By the Spigot team. This may be a reason why 'everyone' is moving over.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Fixed your quote. Please don't spread misinformation by suggesting that
    1) Spigot is in any way official.
    2) Spigot is the only fork of Bukkit.
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    I think he was implying that they were updating Spigot, which is a fork of bukkit. There are others, but they aren't updating them.
  15. @nverdier He was making no such implication, he stated outright that Spigot were updating Bukkit & CraftBukkit, when this is not the case. :)
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    True I see that now :p
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    No, I meant that the Spigot team has released a 1.8 version of CraftBukkit. I don't care if it's "official" or not. The word doesn't even have real meaning in this case, since Warren Loo "shut down the project". The project was shut down, there's nothing official to continue it, but through the benefits of open source, people have taken it under their wings. So stop pretending there is some sort of "official" Bukkit/CraftBukkit.
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    Got it. :D

    The Bukkit Project is dead, Bukkit is just a site where you get plugins for your Spigot server.

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  19. @IronGolem001 That's silly. People shouldn't use this site exclusively for getting Spigot plugins. If that truly was its only use, everyone would have moved to Spigot. But no it seems that the forums still have some use?
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    I 100% think Bukkit is more than just plugins for Spigot.
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  22. @Bobcat00 That's not the Bukkit project, it's Spigot. Might be a little confusing, but you can tell by the URL :)
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    If you were lucky enough to get a bukkit server before it was all DMCA'd then you can still use bukkit.org to download plugins for it.

    If not, then the only way (right now) to get a program that supports bukkit and can run a full server is to use the version of craftbukkit created by spigot. The spigot programmers are supporting spigot fork of craftbukkit and fixing issues in the spigot fork of craftbukkit. I understand how you feel and have no problem saying "spigot's version of craftbukkit" out of respect.

    So there is spigot1.8 which supports minecraft 1.8. Most of the important plugins work and it is mostly bug free. The only major but for me is the the fact that hover and click events in books doesn't work (I was really hoping for spell books).

    And there is spigot's version of craftbukkit. I'm not well versed on it's bug situation.

    We never used craftbukkit on our server in the first place as we were focused on high performance server software (the kind that Trident is shooting for).

    The reason plugin developers are leaving is that their plugins already work for 1.7.10. As you say, there will be no 1.8 bukkit. If the bukkit team desired, they could follow spigot's lead and continue but they sound pretty worn out after doing a lot of good work.

    There are many many many free plugins on spigot. Some are "micropayment" (under $2) which I am completely comfortable with. Some plugins are too expensive so we won't use them. Mostly they are large plugins with a lot of features (and a jar file over 200k). Some plugins take payment thru spigot but are still free on Jenkins (like craftbook 3.9 which is a micropayment).

    If there will be no craftbukkit 1.8, and you want to develop for minecraft 1.8 and use minecraft 1.8 features in a publicly available running server, then (right now-today) spigot or spigot's version of craftbukkit are your only working options.

    In a few months, perhaps Sponge and Trident will be ready (or at least by the time 1.9 comes out). They are both pretty raw right now.
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    To put it bluntly, those who want to pretend that Bukkit no longer exists or do nothing but argue about semantics are staying here. Those who want to run/update servers are moving on to other communities that are more interested in progress than denial.
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    I say move to Spigot until Trident comes out. It will be harder for Spigot to advertise their software as fast, while Trident will most likely be faster. I believe Trident is going to multithreaded.
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    I'm pretty sure Trolldude's signature says something like "Trident - multithreaded Minecraft server."
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    It's worth noting that Sponge has a much larger community as well as are working off of Forge so I would say they would be ready much sooner than us due to that we have quite a small community and are clean-room.
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    @mazentheamazin Well I support your community! You definitely have the potential to become bigger than Sponge.

    With all this talk about official-ness, CraftBukkit for 1.8 is *Spigot official and not Bukkit official!

    * I'm not speaking for Spigot like a lot of the community is but I would think it would be.

    Reason 1 why I don't go on the Spigot forums: I don't like the orange look.
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    My god I know. It hurts my eyes.
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    I always thought Spigot just remade bukkit and implemented some new things?
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