Question Why do people join then leave?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Lukezta, Jul 10, 2015.

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    It doesn't matter how hard I try on making a server. I could spend 2 hours working on something, and having 1 or 2 people actually play on the server, or I could spend a week making the spawn look really nice and make it so everything is correct and maybe get 3-4 players to stay on if I'm lucky.

    But why do people join, then leave after like 2 minutes. The log on, look around, and then leave. Most of them log on, ask to be staff. And to try to prevent them from leaving, I tell them that they can apply for staff to try and get their hopes up, but then they just leave.

    Why do people do this? Is there something wrong with my server?
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    You shouldn't give hope where there is none. I understand your reasoning, but the players that join and ask for staff only want to play if they can get staff right then and there. Even at that, they're most likely to just mess around.

    People will leave soon after joining for a number of reasons:
    - The spawn is the first thing they see, and generally their first impression on the server, make it look nice.
    - Encourage your players to welcome new users, it will provide a sense of being, well, welcome ;)
    - Ask them some questions, form a small bond even. Get to know new players so they will feel a sort of connection to your server and want to come back.
    - Make sure that the staff that you do have aren't complete idiots. If you've only made them staff because they're your friend, it's probably not going to end well. I've had "friends" that I made staff when I first started my server, and they were fine for a month, but then they started to harass players and I couldn't have that, so I demoted them and they were immature about it, when it was their own fault that they weren't acting as they should've.
    - Try to make your server as original and unique as possible! People don't want to play on just another factions server or anything like that. I don't know what type of server you have, but people often don't have too original of servers ;) Try to add different plugin combinations in that make the game more interesting.
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    @Lukezta I agree with everything @oceantheskatr said, though I would like to add a few other points that I have learned from running my own server (some successful and that died out)
    - There is a such thing as too much. While you can add different features and attractions, there can be too much. One of my servers had minigames, creative, factions, and a whole lot more, it scared away players and tended to lag out the server, even on a very high end machine. So, add 2 or 3 main features and attractions and then add more small things. Sorta in a way to make it so, players have a small thing to select from, and then a ton of cool little features to help keep them entertained.
    - Make your server unique, like the person above me said, nobody really wants to join just another factions server. So, if you are a factions server, if you can, code your own add on plugins to add in a fun element to the game. Or request a plugin. Minigames server? Make unique minigames. Sure, have the popular ones, but have some unique ones, that way there is a reason for players to come to your server, rather than any old server.
    - Let players suggest ideas for the server. That way, players can have an input as to what they can do on there. So that it is not only what you want to make, but also something the players want to play.
    That's about all I could think of right now, hope its some good advice, and I hope your server does well, good luck to you!
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  4. I have a plugin to do that :p
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    I have tried most of these things though. My spawn is nice (I'll post a screenshot) and there isn't to many features. We have factions, mcmmo, playerheads, healthbar, ObsidianDestroyer, RedeemMcMMO, floauction, and then the basics.

    The spawn:
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