Why CraftBukkit takes ages to be updated?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TweeZyy, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Especially since its only 1.1 and has like 10 new things, Takes 5 months to make update. Then after that new update comes, When i can play minecraft with plugins again? also is there any else hosting method with plugins?
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    TweeZyy have you ever searched and read how Bukkit is being made? You do know that they need to rewrite and change a lot of the original server code? You know they do this in their spare time, uncompensated except for our gratitude? They also add lot's of new functionality to the server which takes time?

    If you want bleeding edge updates when Minecraft has an update, just use Mojang's version of the server software and don't complain about not having plugins!

    Your first post on this forum and already complaining about Bukkit. I wish there was a dislike button... [tnt]
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    Sounds like you have not been around long, stop being a bitch and be happy that you have a awesome group of people that make this for you.
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    Holy mother of Notch. Those are some nice creepers you got in your signature!
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    Bukkit's been out for Minecraft 1.1 since like day 1, pal.
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    We've been focusing more on a stable API release before a Craftbukkit Release this time around. We've also run into some very huge issues with this release, considering the lockdown of Jenkins for distribution. If you've noticed in the most recent announcement we've been working on a solution for distribution which will substitute CI and will also prove to be much easier on our server load.

    Rest assured, we will be coming out with a new RB very soon.
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