Why are you all still making Bukkit plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Tirelessly, Sep 24, 2014.

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  1. You're not really asking what the point is, you're directly saying that there isn't a point. By extension, you're saying how we choose to pass our time is pointless. The arrogance is implied in that you believe you have a right to say this.
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  2. I'm just waiting for Glowstone.
    I don't really think Sponge will go anywhere, at least for now.
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    I still make plugins for three primary reasons (And a load of minor reasons):

    1.) It improves the quality of my programming
    2.) It is a fun and useful API, and I'm at 1.7.10, so not that far behind.
    3.) I haz a Bukkit, deal with it.
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    I don't think anyone has a right to tell people how they should be spending their time. I understand Bukkit isn't in the best of shape, I just come here to pass time and join in on the conversation. I don't have any plugins up on Bukkit right now, but I code using the Bukkit API to help impove my skills, and because I still have faith that maybe just maybe Bukkit could make a comeback. Who knows. As for now I will keep coming to the forums and coding Bukkit plugins, or just messing around with code until a new API presents itself to be superior.
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    um there are still tons of servers running bukkit.
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    for me its pointless doesn't mean for everyone, since I lost my interest and I prefer want to learn something else unity3d got kinda interested me:p
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    ZachBora Well nobody has updated it so... the future of Bukkit is still uncertain. If Bukkit does completely die, I will personally decompile a 1.7 version from my computer and rewrite ALL the code from scratch myself, making sure to change every line in some way, even if it's just adding extra whitespace or rearranging math stuff, and also make sure that it is compatible with the same basics of Bukkit plugins. Also I will remove the horrible per-version NMS and OBC packages. Obviously, I would have to rename packages like org.bukkit.craftbukkit to not be Bukkit-related in any way. Please note: I am not saying that if Bukkit dies I will rush this out, but I WILL start work on it over the next year or so. Why so long? I just started in 10th grade (first exam year) and probably won't have anywhere near enough time to be coding like I was born to code and nothing else. Also note, all existing plugins would need a recompile in order to work, as the main Bukkit packages will be renamed, to avoid ANY association with Bukkit itself.
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    Which actually allows us to support multiple versions in one plugin with ease.
  13. I hope you realise that adding whitespace in no way means that you now own the copyright for that line of code since that would be a completely stupid way of doing things.

    No. Give up what you're doing right away. No offence, but the versioned packaging was a feature put in for a reason... did you never wonder why? It's not "horrible", it's a security feature to protect server owners. A project that just dismisses that feature as "horrible" and removes it completely without forethought is doomed to fail.
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    Uh I do, it's actually in the Bill of Rights
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    Why are you posting on bukkit?
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    The question is: Why are you still not making Bukkit plugins?
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    It really is just a personal preference, Sponge or Trident or <Insert new server software name here>, personally I am going to go with MCServer or Trident. You can go with anything, in the end it is a minecraft server, and there functionality will(hopefully) be the same. We should not argue about what is right or what is wrong. People are going to go with the most popular/new standard/which ever one gets completed first in the end.
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    Or glowstone ^
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    I still do it because:
    • It's fun
    • I can always improve on my programming
    • I can port my ideas to other server software.
    Personally, I'm hoping for Sponge.
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    People still make plugins, because some people still have the jars and can still run them, and hosting companies still have craftbukkit, spigot or bungeecord also.
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    Sponge is a mess :). Personally, I'm planning to stick with Spigot. Perhaps Glowstone and Trident if they turn out as nice as I hope for.

    Just to end this silly argument, you actually don't.
    This does not give you the right to judge others, that's a right you claimed yourself :p.

    How people choose to spend their time should be up to them, don't you think? At least, that could be concluded from the very same rights you tried to refer to ;).
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    In fact, forget Bukkit!

    I'm getting tired of these "I'm making my own Bukkit" or "Lets make a new Bukkit" posts. It takes a lot of hard work and understanding of Java and how Minecraft works to actually develop a server software for MC. Regardless of your knowledge, one person won't be able to keep up with the updates. By the time you actually finish your software, it'll be outdated. In case you didn't know, there are plenty of Bukkit alternatives already being worked on. http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/over-50-bukkit-alternatives.29046/ The least you could do is support one of those alternatives because they have already gotten stuff done and a lot of them aren't even completed yet. Having a ton of different "Bukkits" is a bad thing. Developing plugins will be annoying because you would have to make it differently for each server software and I doubt one software is going to provide plugin support for another. The only support that they may include is Bukkit which is going downhill and we have no knowledge if it'll be updated.
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    teej107 Your right and most of them will probably be abandoned. Think of all the /hub plugins and then look to see how many are actually up to date.
    Not having to do this is what attracted me to bukkit originally ^
    Its always been annoying when developing a website and having to add a prefix for each browser but having to rewrite your entire plugin would be hell.
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    Spigot is still getting updates in binery form so yea
  25. I didn't actually mean you weren't allowed to say it, I meant that your opinion is completely irrelevant. But I'll play along - what part of the Bill of Rights are you referring to specifically?
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    Ok screw Bukkit then. Screw all of it. Removing my plugins right away, may aswell delete old un-released projects in Eclipse. Bukkit is dead guys, stop making and updating Bukkit plugins, and just wait for the plugin API, which should be out by 1.9, but may be delayed until the version after that, which will probably flip round to 1.0.
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    Potato Potahto, their future is uncertain regardless. Maybe they'll be fine, maybe they won't. Living on patches for code from a dead project forever is difficult.
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    Cuz I still have 3 servers running a fork of bukkit. So why not give my players as much as i can to keep them here while we wait? Plus like everyone else says, to get better at java and its fun to program!
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    I have a right to say what I want. That includes questioning others.
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    Tirelessly Actually you give up some of your rights when using the bukkit forums as in you cannot swear excessively.
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