Why are you all still making Bukkit plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Tirelessly, Sep 24, 2014.

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    This place is on a fast-track to dead. There's no point in working on Bukkit plugins any more, just wait for a new mod (is sponge the good one?).
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    Why not? It hasn't even been created yet.
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    Because it's a group of relatively unorganized, not particularly skilled coders working on a project that is an API built around an API. Why does that sound like a good idea?
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    It doesn't, but it's the best alternative to Bukkit out there. Spigot was a fork of Bukkit and got DMCAed, so that's out of the picture, and all other Bukkit alternatives are unfinished as well but lack the community support that Sponge currently has. Pick your poison.
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    I pick the one that actually has good people behind it, and won't suffer the same consequences because it is a clean room implementation, Trident.
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    you can still make plugins. only problem will be your server will be outdated over time.....
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    Because the constitution says that we can.
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    I'm going to be rebuilding some of my plugins like WorldEdit is built.

    A section just for the logic and then a section for each "project" that I am going to support just for the hooks.
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    Perhaps some of us are a tad bored, and have nothing else to do. And by some of us, I mean me. :p
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    I do it because It helps me practice my knowledge of Java.
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    I do it because Bukkit is a great way for programmers to get involved in projects out side of their own "Hello World" programs and gives a way for new people to learn how to use and understand what an API is and how to use one.
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    Because none of the other server solutions are complete or as good. Don't worry, if Bukkit stays down and something else rises in popularity, we'll all slowly switch.
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    ... Based on MCP based on team of client modern based on minecraft that is based on Microsoft based on Bill Gates based on Washington State based in the US based on Earth based in the solar system based in the Milky Way based in the universe based in a space-time fluid (possibly)
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    Because Glowstone and maybe other new servers as well will support them.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Because do I need a reason?
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  21. Maintaining? Running servers?

    The others are not 1.8 either or are not yet fully alive... while Bukkit still has a slight chance to survive either way.
  22. Becuase 1.7 will still be popular until a new + successful project becomes popular.
  23. Tirelessly The arrogance you have for thinking you can judge what we choose to do in our free time is astounding.
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    Tirelessly All of us our waiting... Why not improve our java skills while we wait?
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    Because Bukkit is a well-designed API and is the basis for almost all server-side modifications and customizations. It is not going to simply die because the implementation was hit by a DMCA takedown. If you look around you'll notice there are alternative implementations that implement the Bukkit API which means most plugins will work with it without any modification. This is a huge plus as it allows plugin developers to continue using the API they know as well as allowing server owners to continue using existing plugins.
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    Well, I'm still just making random plugins on my testing-server for fun, Waiting for a better server mod.

    (not sponge)

    You'd recommend Trident?

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    Hawktasard Trident looks pretty good. I'm waiting for Glowstone to be finished, bukkit plugins will work with it :D
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    Where am I being arrogant or judging you? I'm asking what the point is.
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    JEEZ guys... Bukkit ain't freakin' dead! Shut up already!
    From the tweet list on the home page:
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    That's old news and a lot has happened since then.
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