Who wants a OP God kit for Essentials

Discussion in 'General Help' started by JBoy1000, Sep 16, 2017.

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    This should cost alot of money

    delay: 99999999
    - DIAMOND_HELMET 1 name:God's_Helmet protection_environmental:20 durability:10
    water_worker:10 thorns:5
    - DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE 1 name:God's_Chestplate protection_environmental:20 durability:10
    - DIAMOND_LEGGINGS 1 name:God's_Pants protection_environmental:20 durability:10
    - DIAMOND_BOOTS 1 name:God's_Shoes protection_environmental:20 depth_strider:20
    durability:10 protection_fall:10 thorns:5
    - DIAMOND_SWORD 1 name:God's_Bannisher damage_all:50 fire_aspect:10 durability:10
    - DIAMOND_AXE 1 name:God's_Trident dig_speed:50 durability:20
    - DIAMOND_PICKAXE 1 name:God's_Hammer dig_speed:50 durability:20 loot_bonus_blocks:20
    - GOLDEN_APPLE:1 64

    Hey you can thank me l8r

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