Which server host to go with?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by fussionzz97, May 2, 2012.

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    Been looking around for a great, cheap server host and i found these
    im looking for around 20+ slots hosted in USA, nothing over $20 and can support these plugins:

    I've already found a host its http://www.vortexunit.com/ their great :)

    Greatly appreciate feedback on which one to pick and which you prefer
    - Jordan
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    Beast nodes with 20$ you can start a 30 slot server and buy a enjin forum site for your server. if you have a active paypal account that can receive payments (donations) its a good choice. A Enjin account is free btw but you can pay for advanced days. (recomended) I use a Beastnode Spider and Im loving it.
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    Yeah, ive heard some good things about Beastnode but the same with Avante. I wont need a forum/website for my server. Avante have a cheaper deal and offer 500MB more ram and 2 more slots (that i dont think ill need) Thanks for your suggestion.
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    Nathan C

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    I can see these guys offer some powerful hosting... I dont think i can afford them though thanks for your suggestion
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    We have the cheapest servers, contact me on email, where i can tell you my skype: [email protected]
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    NFo or Volt-Host.
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    I had beast node at one time but dumped it

    now i run a home server and customized my internet i can run 50 players and all i pay for is the internet that i paid for anyways with those plugins and 30 id look at minimum 4000 ram you will find bad chunkloading after a couple hours of play mcmmo uses alot so does the chest shop with alot of selling.look for more support then anything else you will need it.every other day a new update coming out for all the plugins. good luck
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    I set it to reboot when the server is empty should free some ram
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    i use simple restart on an 8 hour cycle
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    Yeh depends on how much activity your server gets
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    Well beastnodes is good for multiple owners or admins cause you can create side accounts or "alt accounts" and limit their abilities. Idk who else can do that but I really like beastnodes but the seem to have this issue once a month where it shuts down and will not come back up for 1 to 3 hours. But other than that Ilike it.
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    i have enough home ram to allow no matter whos on to run atleast 8 hours i run i7 3400 32 ram download 40 upload 24
    i pay 69.95 for my internet and like i said i paid for i t anyways

    i used this to see if i was able to run a home server
    and i found a good home server is better the these rented ones
    just limited on upload speed at home
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    i have hosted a home server I7 quad core with 16GB ram ran great it was just my internet Download 19.00 and upload 00.49 but i reckon rented server is best for me also knowing that i can play other online games without lagging due to the server
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    Nathan C

    Renting is the best way to go, depending on where you live.

    Also factor in electricity costs and cooling :'(

    I pay $10 more for a a month for a dedicated, 24/7 server. Has a 980 6 core, 24 Gb RAM, 2x SSDs, Adaptec RAID card and is on a 100/100 mbit line with 5 TB bandwidth. I know that home ISPs only allow around 250-350 GB of bandwidth per month, before they start throttling your internet or charging you more.

    So I guess it all depends..
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    10 dollars more then my home service so double lets get that strait you said 10 dollars more a month that would be 80 dollars then your home internet x2 and thats what i avoid (you pay for a dedicated server and your home service)

    I only pay for home service.
    and i really like the control of the server. I dont have to depend on a second party and im happy running up to 80 players i dot need more then that
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    Nathan C

    Yeah, that is the beauty though............ I want my server separate from my home internet services.

    Do you know how easily someone could take out your whole internet from a small DoS attack? Hell I could take it out from my home internet alone. That is just one of the reasons why it is nice to have it separate. Also since I rely on my internet, I can't risk having it cutoff or throttled. Hosting any type of gameserver or servers is against 90% of home ISPs terms of service and they will cut you off or throttle your speed if they catch you.

    Oh and also redundancy. Is your home internet multi-homed and is your homes power redundant? See one power failure and your server goes down and your map may become corrupt. Also if someone crashes into your ISPs fiber box and breaks some lines, your internet goes down and your server is down too. With a server in a datacenter, these things are minimized and virtually non-existent, due to redundant backup power and multiple and redundant fiber connections.
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    Agree ^^

    Im not going to host a server from my home...
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    ok server is 3 months old 99% uptime and 50 mods including towny spleef mcmmo and mobarena the hardest ones on memory im fine
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    Nathan C

    Give me your IP and we shall see about that 99% uptime.

    EDIT: LOL, this sounds like a threat. No I just want to confirm it on minestatus or something.
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    the server addy is mc.tuminecraft.com or look at my siggy+
    i addy on minestatus mc server list minecraft servers

    mc.tuminecraft.com 0 Votes 99.23% Uptime 178 Views

    Listed for
    3 months
    thats mine status
    we vote at mc-serverlist they dont keep track of uptime

    Players Online: 13 / 100 589 Players like this server
    99 Votes before last reset
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    If you read up on Minecraftforum.net they bring up a great point. Slot by slot is not the best. These servers are more expensive that the others. Don't go for those slot/slot servers.
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    Learn2Linux and buy a vps. More freedom and possibly cheaper.
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    I've got a good military buddy that has a hosting company called Devil Dogs Hosting, I convinced him to start providing minecraft servers. His company and staff is excellent I've never had a problem with his prices, access, or speed. He sells servers by the amount of ram and not the slot.
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    Cant find them, link please?

    Thanks for your suggestion i think ill be going with Avante Hosting Cheapest for me :)
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    1. Google "cheap vps'"
    2. Find one with the amount of ram you want cheaply that looks reputable.
    3. Google some linux commands line(bash) guides.
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    you're going to regret going with a cheap cookie cutter host but if that is all you can afford then I suppose you have no choice.

    My first "cheap" host was BroHoster.....my GOD what a mistake that was.

    I now have a dedicated Box with NFOservers.com (Nuclear Fallout) They are somewhat $$ (My dedicated box + web and vent hosting is $275 per month) but their hardware / service is top notch.
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    Now that's a good idea! So not slot/slot, but by RAM. That will clearly lower the costs.
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    Hey im looking for an good deal no lag host your guys have any idea?
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    I got Chunex hosting 2 Days ago, It's amazing so far. No lag.

    link: chunex.com
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