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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Afotai, Dec 12, 2012.

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    ...to run a Bukkit server with a decent amount of players (talking 50-60) with plugins such as: Commandbook, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, VoxelSniper.

    Currently I am using:

    Fedora 17 64bit
    Intel Core i7 X990 @ 3.47Ghz (six cores, ht = twelve, doesnt matter much tho?)
    24Gb DDR3 RAM
    1,5TB Raid SATA HDD

    I'm looking at the following system:

    Intel Core i7-3930K @ 3.20Ghz
    64Gb DDR3 RAM

    Though the cpu is way lower, I could put the entire 'bukkit server' into the ram, at the same time eliminating a problem that might arise with the strain that is put on the hard drives (or either get a SSD or SAS drive)

    I just think that trading of these 200mhz's might not be that a good idea, and Fedora 17 doesn't seem to support the hyperboost function as nicely as windows does ;(

    What would you guys pick or do?
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    Your current build is fine. I've ran 200 players on a dual core 2.6ghz with 4gb of ram. What you have is pretty overkill, but it'll get the job done for you. What you're looking at switching to is a downgrade.

    Clock speed is all that matters, really. Not memory, not hard drive.
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    In what sort of environment was that for the players? Did you use a world border limit, are those users all packed together? What view-distance? I think view-distance plays a major factor too (I use 10) though I seem to hit a wall each time i have about 50 users online, its not really the cpu nor the ram, but it has these "peroidic lag spikes" that can freeze everything for a few seconds, or just freeze until it drops all the players and then continues where it left off.
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    The lag spikes are probably caused by a plugin, not your hardware.

    As for your view distance, it does play a key role in I/O, Memory and Bandwidth. For that, I normally keep my view distance at 5. You wouldn't believe the absurd amount of bandwidth minecraft servers consume.

    The users weren't packed together. It was a free world with minimal plugins however. There was no worldborder.
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    Nathan C

    3930K is far better than the 990x. Of course so, because we are talking about a 3 generation difference between the two.

    990x: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel Core i7 X 990 @ 3.47GHz&id=867
    3930K: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel Core i7-3930K @ 3.20GHz&id=902

    With that being said, a 3770K would be better than the processors you have above. Sure it has two less cores, but has a bit better single-threaded performance. That is due to it being IVY Bridge architecture and having a 100 mhz turbo clockspeed increase over the older Sandy Bridge E 3930K.

    If you ever want to know the best for single-threaded performance (aka best for MC), then this side is a good reference: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html

    Also yes........you need some SSDs. Those two slow HDDs are definitely bottleknecking.
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    Okay, will definetly look into an SSD (though i looked at the iotop thing in linux and didn't see that much traffic, except when Dynmap was rendering and writing tons of jpegs)

    I wasn't aware of that "less stock Ghz" could also be an improvement single-thread wise, thanks!

    I was looking at the page over at http://www.hetzner.de/en/hosting/produktmatrix/rootserver-produktmatrix-ex this will talk far better. If I follow that list you posted, the best choice would be to go with the EX6 or the EX 6S if I really wanted the extra ram?
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