Which is the best server hosting company!

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Which server host is better?

  1. http://www.kbgservers.com/

  2. http://www.redstonehost.com/

  3. http://www.multiplaygameservers.com/

  4. Other

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  1. Maybe not the right hosting for you Milkywayz but I have a happy customer base so I believe our service is sufficient especially for the price tag. Thank you for the tips anyway, we have planned to make the switch to SSD's but it sure is a pain trying to move customers without service interruption as you can imagine. Not something we can just do overnight but something we're working on.
    In relation to disk space, 30GB may be sufficient for yourself but some of our customers do take advantage of the extra disk space by scripting their large worlds to rotate and having many of these on the server. As well as not only world backups, but entire server clones are kept in the event of something going wrong such as file corruption or loss. On an SSD not is this only slightly more expensive, but the disk space is very limited.
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    Beastnode all day long. I have a dedicated box with them and it's full of win.
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    It happens, wait... no it doesn't! How the heck did that happen? *facepalm*

    Beastnode is rad. Rad support, and really great servers.

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    I have used a few different server hosting companies. The problem is, most of them are expensive for really bad support. However I finally stumbled upon a few great hosts. I was with Beast Node for a good month, there support was great but since they are based in California (Pacific Time) and I live on the East Coast it took them around 3 hours to answer the simplest of tickets. This could be an issue incase you have any downtime, you may be waiting a while to hear back from them. I decided to try out Frag Net, they host multiple servers for a good variety of games. They are a ranked server provider from EA Games as well. They may be slightly more expensive than some hosts but you get what you pay for, great enterprise hardware that won't let you down. Since they also have a variety of other services availible such as Voice Servers, Web Hosting, and Dedicated Servers, you should be set for a while. The great thing is, there data centers are all over the world and you are able to choose the best location for yourself. I've had some minor hickups with them but they were nice enough to transfer my whole server over in minutes to a brand new machine they just installed. They reply very quick as well no matter what time of the day is. Also keep this in mind, Beast Node is great but there disk space is capped at 5 GB. This is small for a larger server, which is why I left them. It made no sense to purchase additional space ($1.25 per GB) when I switched to Frag Net for about $5 more and have 50 GB of space.

    Stay away from Fluctis Hosting unless your in Europe, there very very cheap and decent quality but the network latency from there data center in Europe seems to make the server have horrible connectivity and latency. I wish the best of luck to you, check out www.bestminecrafthosts.com for some server reviews. It helped me out a lot when I was picking a host.
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    Rackspace hosting has good servers but they are not on the cheap side but the support is great!
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    I just signed up for Fluctis last month. The pricing is a tiny bit steep ($3 or so more than Avante) But the support is amazing and the custom panel rocks. I would definitly recommend Fluctis.

    I had a horrible experience with RedstoneHost. They wouldn't refund me after I told them their server was inoperable. The server ran a good 5 plugins at most, with just a couple of my friends on at once. It was supposed to have 1GB of RAM, currently I'm running a 1GB RAM server on Fluctis with 32 plugins and 15 people on at a time, no-lag.
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    There isn't a best hosting company. You need to look around for something that suits your needs.
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    I am with VMLWeb best company i have been with.
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    Nuclear fallout is pretty great, in my experience. Very professional customer service, great with staying on top of things. Good online server control panel/ftp/whatever you could want, free mumble to come with, cheap website if you want one. nfoservers.com .
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    I'm using fragnet.net. They're a multi-game host that has been around for a long time, and they host ranked BF3 games, COD games, and a host of others(pun). Which means they're less prone to just tanking overnight and just shutting down their servers. Thus far, every ticket I have is answered within the hour, even on the day 1.3.1 released, which was probably a pretty crazy day. They charge per megabite/gigabyte of ram, no player limit, and they give you a free 10player mumble server. I paid, and within 2 minutes my server was running. I give them:
    10/10 customer support,
    10/10 lag-free playing
    10/10 uptime
    9/10 price.
    They're a tad bit more expensive, but it pays to be with a company that's got a name for itself, and the support staff behind it, not these fly-by-night companies that have started popping up everywhere since minecraft has gotten big.
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    Nathan C

    Price is also *puts on glasses* "top notch"
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