Which is the best server hosting company!

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Which server host is better?

  1. http://www.kbgservers.com/

  2. http://www.redstonehost.com/

  3. http://www.multiplaygameservers.com/

  4. Other

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    I want to start getting a server hosted and I would like to know which company you think is the best in terms of conection speed (eg how much lag), able to take about 28 plugins (most small), price (don't want to spend to much but still want quality), mods, 2 main worlds and last of all about 40 people. Thanks for your help.
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    You might want to expand before those you listed about. I recently had some experience with LethalDrive. They I'd say have been good so far. Prices I think were a little high, but it seems to work well. No where new 40 people on the server, but still I'd say they might be a place to look into.

    I've heard terrible things from Red Stone host. Some advice is to buy based on ram. What I mean some places have a flat fee for a server and then add ram which I think is sort of a scam sense Minecraft needs a good amount of ram.

    40 people and that many plugins you'll have to have an decent budget. Not going to be cheap. I'm guessing here, but I think at least 3 gigs of ram for that kind of server.
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    Avantehosting.net - no need for a good budget, and they deliver proffessionally
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    Avante <3
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    I am currently using Avante because it is cheaper and the service is decent. The only problems I have with them is it crashed a few times, the CP is lacking, and the support sucks.

    If you can afford it go with beastnode, if not Avante is fine.
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    I was with beastnode, they are the same..
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    Even cheaper is netcup.de , keep in mind that they only give German support ^^ (And I'm not even German!)
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    I have a dedicated box with NFO (Nuclear Fallout) nfoservers.com

    Their support is top notch and their packages and hardware are amazing
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    Anyone know some cheap aussie hosts?

    (dedicated boxes aswell)
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    Got my server there too =)
  12. I don't know why everyone says RedstoneHost is bad, I was with them for a while and everything seemed fine.

    For me it's between RedstoneHost and TopNotchServers.
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    Yet you can't pay for a simple HTML website design, and have to steal it?
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    I just switched from MossyCobble to Aim2Game...I've been with Multiplay as well in the past and they were OK...I always need plugin help and Aim2Game is always available to assist me.
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    Nathan C

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    Its free...
  17. Minecraftia.net ! And I'm in no way biased even though I may own it :cool:

    but Krazy I imagine the biggest public servers avoid shared hosting and go with their own dedicated LAMP servers from companies that sell vanilla out of the box servers for resale.
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    minecraftserver.net it the best i run a server and i only got one problem(cause big lava greif)
    so it's a great company
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    LethalDrive is ran by a very intelligent scammer, and in-advanced coder. DON'T use LD, PLEASE. I know the guy, his name is Kane Hart, lives in Canada and claims he did many things... I talking to him through a different game and forum, other than GodCraft.
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    "the only problems I have is ... the support sucks" WHAT? How is that not a huge problem... T.T
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    Ya sorry about that, I said it a while ago. In reality Avante is the worst host out there or pretty close. After 2 weeks of crashing, and extreme lag on there service I has to cancel the service.
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    Their website also sucks some serious ass. I mean the jquery effects are really really annoying... it's not even smooth... And they have EV SSL on the whole site slowing it down... Why do they even need EV SSL on the whole website... It will be fine to have it on a separate billing subdomain.
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    Capsing like that makes you look silly.

    Although, i dont like redstonehost either
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    Well, redstone host clearly isn't professional by any means... They named it " Redstone Host "...
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    I had a friend that had redstone host for his server.

    He ended up trashing it and hosting his server from his own computer instead.

    His own computer ran the server better
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    They sold me a server with no ram and had terrible support.

    That usually the case. Buying hosting is almost always strictly for the network.

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    hehe wow how did they pull that off. No ram server? How.
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    I paid 40 dollars for hosting, went to start up the server and got errors. Looking through the control panel thing and it said it had 0mb of ram.

    Wouldnt host with minecraftia for a few reasons which I will specify:
    1. HDD's are slow. Who needs 500gb of hard drive for a server? A 60gb ssd would be a lot better
    2. Euro based pricing, I see you can choose to pay in dollars which is a plus, but its more expensive still for non europeans.
    3. Packages... What 150+ slot server can use a ramdisk setup with only 6gb of ram? I run a much smaller server and couldn't do that.

    Conclusion, use SSDs and increase ram and then, the hosting would be really good as far as packages. You could probably order a bunch of 90gb ssd's and just partition it so users get roughly 30gb of space. Who uses more then 30gb of space for their server anyways..

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    I personally use cubed host. They're the cheapest I've found and they have good support.
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