Where did you guys learn to make plugins?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DrBreadgun, Jun 29, 2014.

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    I watched this guy: https://www.youtube.com/user/VoidNationMC/videos

    He helped me develop my first plugin, that's a plus. But, he shows you how to make specific plugins. He doesn't really explain what each function does, so I'm having trouble applying his code he uses in his tutorials into my own. Anybody remember how they learned how to make plugins?
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    DrBreadgun What I did:
    Tried to do Bukkit without Java
    Stopped, went and spent large chunk of time learning Java (still not the best at it, but it helped a lot)
    Came back, and spent a long time messing with the Javadocs and seeing what I could do.

    You don't really "learn" to make plugins, you learn the API and the general skeleton for creating a plugin, then expand on that knowledge through practice and challenging yourself. Doing plugin requests is a good way to broaden your knowledge, and rewriting some past plugins (when you have them) helps you improve work already done and find more efficient ways of doing things. The Resources section also has many 'tutorials' covering the API and CB/NMS
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    I took 2 Udemy courses, which actually helped me quite a bit, as well as simple java application tutorials/source code, and looking at the Bukkit wiki to learn the Bukkit API. Good luck :)
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    I actually am a Extremly fast learner and with the help of only bukkit API doccumentary and 1 or 2 youtube videos I learned myself how to make these plugins in about a week! Sounds weird but I already knew python so its kindaaa the same...
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    There's a difference between making a plugin function and making it efficient and run correctly.
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    Most of them do run and work effectively ;) I just pick up new tips each day ;)
    I dont think it looks good in your part to be rude on a public forums while you are a staff member! :)
    If you werent totally disregard this message :)
    ( Dont know why i used so many :) )
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    It's not rude, but simple fact that watching a couple of youtube videos does not expose you to the ideas of the internals of how java fundamentally works and (most importantly in my opinion) why it works. It's a self-defeating point that I'm making anyhow because I can't really verify that you're making mistakes (nor can you) without actually seeing code, at least if we were to throw judgement upon your coding abilities.

    An article relevant to this which I'm fond of: http://norvig.com/21-days.html

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    Thanks for the Link! I totally understand what you are saying and where you opinion is coming from. I do not think of myself as a person who knows everything about Java and how it works. I can just make plugins using the basic stuff, I can understand what if statments and etc do but not how they work internally ( don't see the purpose ). I have some experience with computer hardware and programming but not enough to be a person good at java!
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    DrBreadgun The wiki xD. I already knew Java so picking up on the API was easy.
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