Where did Cuboid go?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TewDIE, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Hi, well as the title says, Where did Cuboid go?

    Whats going on? where is the plugin creator? did he die!?

    There is nothing as simple and great as Cuboid. NO Not messy Worldedit/guard...

    - TewDIE @kalops.se
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    Cuboid isn't going to be ported to Bukkit, as far as I know. WorldEdit and WorldGuard are the best replacement there is right now, messy or not.
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    Erik Andersson

    what its not :(... it was my favorit and soo easy to use :\
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    Honestly, I've all but switched over to Worldedit and Worldguard, and the only Cuboid features that I miss are on the todo lists for these plugins. It's a change, and takes a bit to get used to, but it's really very similar after a while, and WorldEdit has some incredibly useful stuff that's outside the domain of cuboid as well.
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    All I'm saying is that i find it a lot more awkward and difficult to set up and want at least some kind of response from Relliktsohg about whether or not h will be continuing the project or abandoning it so I can tell my users whats happening, and plan for the future.

    Lack of communication is the main thing that has bothered me about the shift to bukkit and it's subsidiaries.
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    i miss cuboid :(
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    I talked to sk89q and got all my issues with worldedit/guard sorted out. it has a sharp learning curve but im finding that i really like it.
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