When will CraftBukkit for 1.3 be released?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jul 27, 2012.

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    With the Minecraft 1.3 release date fast approaching, a lot of people are wondering when we will be releasing a CraftBukkit Recommended Build for Minecraft 1.3. We hope this short announcement will answer those questions.

    Due to the size of the impending 1.3 update, we are unable to guarantee that we'll have a compatible CraftBukkit Recommended Build out in time for the release of Minecraft 1.3. Although we started working on the update immediately after the Minecraft 1.3 preview was made available to the public, a lot of things were added, removed and changed in Minecraft from 1.2.5 and, as such, this update requires more work than usual to get things up and running. That being said, we'll continue to do our best to get an update out within a reasonable amount of time and will likely follow our usual policy of promoting the first Recommended Build the moment we get something that compiles and runs without any testing done whatsoever.

    As we have done a significant amount of important work on CraftBukkit 1.2.5 builds since our last RB, we'll be promoting a new Recommended Build shortly. This is done so that people have a reliable, stable build to use until we can get a 1.3 compatible build out and so that everyone who relies on Recommended Builds are able to take advantage of all the fixes, improvements and so on we've done since the last 1.2.5 RB.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support; we greatly appreciate it!
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    #hopsin anyone? one person just say yes please XD
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    Shut Yo Mouth!

    It will be ready.........wait for it......WHEN it's READY!
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    Jamie Tees

    4:41 hours past midnight GMT ..... And your point is?
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    Why the HELL can't people tell the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE [zombie]
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    And actually I would play Killing Floor, Ruse, Max Payne Collection, GTA 4, Garry's Mod, or TF2 right now but I want to keep rambling on the thread.. so if your so unique and think you can just say to a random person you think 1. Doesn't have steam 2. Didn't take advant of the Summer Sale 3. Is just here on the forum because I have nothing better to do even though I made an entire reply about it, then I hope you take back what you said pls
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    On this particular subject, sure!
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    Jamie Tees

    I was never an english teacher... I'm a IT Consultant, webdeveloper and designer. Problem?! :p
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    ?????? What dose that mean.
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    I don't know if it is legit seeing as how the quickinventory of that screenshot has all the makins of a late night bbq firepit party at the beach (minus the creeper babes and squids)
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    Woah mate, calm down!
  12. Bukkits awesome :) I would donate if I had the money to do it. Also if they had some place open for donations
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    Where do you live? In the Ocean?
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    That is the current percent done.
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    Wasn't aimed at you, but it's not exactly something you need to be an English teacher to do oO
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    Who are you even referring to?
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    A screen shot..... :eek:
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    I have a life on the computer but I enjoy playing real life but not for too long..
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    You're kidding right? Who's setting time limits? o.o Let them work.
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    if you are referring to the post above yours it is used properly so quit complaining about trivial matters and stay on subject please.
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    Jamie Tees

    Ireland, I'm english though
    Not entirely. 3 -> no as bukkit do communicate with mojang a lot
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    "When will it be ready?!?!" - When It's Ready

    "Why does Bukkit Team go so slow?!?" - To Drive You Insane On Purpose

    "My Life Depends On Bukkit" - Sad....Sad...Life

    "Bukkit Team Needs To Get It Released Already!" - And You Are?

    "We Are Losing Members Because Of This" - Oh, Just You With No Update Eh?

    "Is 1.3.1 Out Yet?" - Well Yes. 1.3.1 MINECRAFT is out, but the CraftBukkit we are waiting on is not

    "When Will It Be Ready?" - rinse....repeat....
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    LOL!I'll be watching Netflix on my ipod until the 1.3.1 release.
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    Jamie Tees

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    Please? Ohhhh you said please, i better do what you say :O

    No, i wasn't referring to the post above mine so sit down.
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    Is it about to be released?
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    Gentlemen, we are now on Cucumber% so I hear.
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    Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up shut up! And go away! Weren't we rambling about you types of people earlier? Get out! Who do you think you are to set time limits for the people who so conveniently provide the best MC hosting software just for all of us, and make sure they put their time and quality into it? Get out! I have nothing more to say to you
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    Well there is communication, but yup, your right. bukkit does it independently!
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