When will Bukkit be available?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 3, 2011.

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    When we originally decided to announce Bukkit, we were hoping to get some early feedback on how things should work and what we should be doing. Suffice to say, we've gotten more than enough of that thanks to the GREAT support shown by everyone within the Minecraft community! We completely understand that everyone is worried about whether or not Bukkit will be a good replacement or an improvement on what hMod has offered you in the past and are hoping to address any questions you may have as soon as we can get to them.

    One of the more pressing questions we've gotten from people is a very important one that we'd like to address now:

    Q: When will Bukkit be ready?
    A: We're pushing very hard for a preview releases within the next few days. This type of release will only give you a SMALL taste of what Bukkit has to offer but will be a working build everyone can play with.

    Once we have that out, the next step in our roadmap will be to get a fullly functional release out with complete support for all we have planned, including integration with our Plugin Repository, fill.bukkit.org

    We'll be answering more questions soon but I hope this answers one of the most important ones in the meantime.

    Thanks again for the support, we really appreciate it!
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