Whatever happens, happens. (Whats wrong with bukkit?)

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    TL;DR; I'm upset with the bukkit staff resigning and the DMCA. Reply if you want to inform me about things... i don't know/you dont' agree with.

    I personally am depressed inside about bukkit having a rage quit like this. I mean the whole inmaturity about it. There are tons of people that rely on bukkit, and now they will probably migrate to another software like canary, which will be even worse because not many people run servers on it. I love bukkit, it has been part of my life for a long time ever since hMod stopped. At that time i was a young'n that was filled with wonder how all of these amazing plugins could change minecraft so drastically. Now I am a Java programmer that is very handy with bukkit, Bukkit changed my life. When i was in my java class i didnt want to learn how to make applications or silly calcs, i wanted to create plugins for bukkit. It has taught me so much, i have met so many people. Now to see that i can't even fucking download it because of a DMCA. Now i see all the staff resigning so its sort of like a strike or putting a vice around mojang and tightening it.

    It makes me sick, Bukkit was for the people to use and it was supposed to be fun, now its evolved into some crazy shit where the people who Bukkit agreed to become a part of cant even fucking make a harsh decision w/o the staff resigning. Like what the fuck do you think happens when you sell-out. All i'm saying is i am dissapointed about how the whole thing was handled.

    I may not know all the details but just by looking at the front page on Bukkit.org I can tell that Bukkit will be changed forever, and the users are getting the worst end of it.

    Whatever happens, happens.
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    Yeah, no one cares about the server owners basically, we are the ones who are getting hit the hardest through all of this
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    I think most people would agree with me when I say we want a speedy resolve to this conflict. Since all the avenues of other server mods are under this DMCA as well.
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    Opinion of my own, not representative of Bukkit.

    I'm absolutely appalled you're whining about people deciding to cease their voluntary work they did... for 3-4 years. No compensation. We individually all had our own reasons to do so, none of this was forced upon those who did decide to.
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    Damn that inmaturity :mad:Its almost like immaturity, but worse.

    In all seriousness; its the staff member's decision if they wish to resign. If they don't want to be under 'the command' of Mojang, they don't need to be under the command of Mojang, and you can't change their view on that. You have to remember that Bukkit is a big project that affects a massive chunk of the Minecraft community, and can take up a lot of a staff member's time, and if they don't like something about the way it's run etc., they have every right to resign and focus on different things they would rather be spending time on. They are not robots; they are real people, with real lives.
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    I understand what you're saying. They did wonderful work! I just mean, that they should've done this in a more serious manner. Not just all resign at once and throw a DMCA pull request.
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    Opinion of my own, not representative of Bukkit.

    None of the people who resigned today issued the DMCA request. Manage a project and community of this scale and get back to me about being "serious." Much less, a legal issue for a non-profit community.
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    Yes they can do what they want. They made a project for the people now the people are without a project due to a concern that is out of their hands. Also a bukkit staff member saying "*drops the mic*" on their resignation isn't that mature. To me it felt like a 'IDEGAF about the people that use bukkit' more so than an actual resignation due to being upset about changes.

    Well this all went down around the same time so I and many of my friends that also use bukkit thought that it was all connected.

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    Research before you talk shit.
    Opinion of my own, not representative of Bukkit.
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    I have around the same view as many many many more people have. Not everyone that wants to host their own private server looks up why DMCA requests and Bukkit Resignations take place on the same day. But I agree i should do some research now.
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    There is fault in both Mojang and the Bukkit devs.

    Mojang should not have waited so long and hidden that they own Bukkit.
    The Bukkit Dev Team should not have simply rage quit because they didn't like Mojang's stupid decision.

    [Error] CraftBukkit.jar has encountered a fatal "Human.StupidDecisions" exception at Mojang.Admins and Bukkit.Developers
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    I refuse to read this until you clear that formatting. Can't sand Courier.
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    Yes, I agree with you on that.

    Sorry i use it in school papers, its mandatory, i'll change it back :)

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    The concern is that someone is upset that Mojang is in control of Bukkit now and has filed a DMCA complaint. Even if the staff members weren't resigning but the DMCA had been put in, you would still be without a project for awhile.

    On the '*drops mic*' thing; so that staff member isn't allowed to joke about resigning? If they didn't want to write up a paragraph-long essay about resigning, they didn't have to.
    They clearly do care about the people who use Bukkit, after all, why would they put years of their own time into the community and the project?
    Just saying; only one staff member issued the DMCA request, and that staff member was not one of those who resigned today, so I really don't understand why you're blaming all of them.
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    1. He can joke all he wants, different people with limited knowlege of the situation will take it different ways. As i did when i opened up bukkit.org to see if the DMCA was resolved.

    2. Yes Mr. Wolfe issued it. All of this went down around the same time so yeah. My bad if i thought they were connected to the complete disabling of Bukkit.
  17. Obviously, what ROKLGAMES is saying, is that... The DMCA, EvilSeph's resignation, Mojang's reviled ownership... It's all been a roller coaster and ROKLGAMES is just disappointed that almost every single one of the staff has decided to jump off. You can't claim that those three things were not the cause of most if not all of the resignations.

    Translation of ROKLGAMES's opinion, not representative of me.
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    So why didn't you research a bit more about the whole situation before jumping to an incorrect conclusion and writing this post? :/
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    I'm a bit flustered i guess, it's not fun looking at bukkit right now. Plus I wanted to just write a post about what i thought, so i could have some discussion.
  20. HoneyBuzzard I'm actually glad he posted this.
    Now he's more knowledgeable about the topic, and for any confused person reading through this thread, they're probably feeling a lot less confused too.
    That is of course, thanks to your, and Jade's, contributions.
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