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Discussion in 'General Help' started by TheRandomyzer, Nov 13, 2015.

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  1. Hello everyone !
    I subscribed to this forum to get some answers to a question: I want to create a server, but with vanilla minecraft functions, i'm a little bit blocked for my creation.
    I explain myself: my map, named Indiana bones, consists in a PvP map, and the aim is to capture the ennemy baneer and get it back to your base.
    The major problems are:
    -I can't set correctly the original spawnpoint at the lobby.
    -Whe you die with the baneer, you keep it in your inventory, beacause of the keepInventory rule. then you can put it in your camp instantly. How can a player keep his inventory and stuff but not the baneer ?
    -When you die, you can instantly respawn. How can i put a cooldown ?
    Then after seen the huge quantity of plugins, i don't know wich plugin do i need... Can you help me ?
    TheRandomyzer ;)
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    @TheRandomyzer I would suggest making a Plugin Request (Link in my signature). Then you can get it more personal, otherwise, You cannot do this with vanilla Minecraft
  3. oh, sorry. I'll do this.
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