What plugin creates that "The End" text randomization?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Stormbow, Feb 2, 2012.

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    I've seen several servers with this scrambled text. What's doing it?


    And yes, I am talking about server text, not just the Minecraft client title screen...
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    the chat code &k i think...
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    just &k will do it.
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    How is that used in-game? I typed "&ktesting" and "&k testing" and nothing happened on my personal server.

    (Shift+7=&, right?)
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    Nathan C

    You have to have some type of chat plugin such as ichat for it to work.

    And no, you have to type: &kSOMETEXTHERE
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    Ahhh, ok. Thanks all.
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    Actually, it works fine without a chat plugin...

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    § I figured out ALT+0167 for here, but typing that in-game didn't show the §.
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    Type the §, then k, then your message.
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    How do you type that into Minecraft? Nothing appears except "ktextmessagehere".
    ALT+0167 is not recognized by the Minecraft client.

    Got some advice off the Minecraft forums to change the keyboard to German and type a #, which will come out as the § in-game.

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    Im pretty sure either bukkit or a plugin blocks you from using § in chat. If I try it on my server it kicks me...
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    Some plugins block it. You need to use the § in chat to make it show. Some say that \247k work as well.
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