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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by worstboy32, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Hey i think there are more who asked this question.
    But i readed about a hour and cant figure out what permission file to use.
    We running atm permisisons 2 but new plugins wont support it longer.
    I readed at all plugins to see what permissions they use and some have no/less info and some are not compattibble.
    I added my plugin list and i hope anyone can suggest us a permissions plugin.

    List of Plugins: MobDisguise 1.6 , CombatTag 2.9 , EssentialsSpawn 2.5.7, EconomyPunga 1.2.2, Minequery 1.5 , BinarySkates 0.3.2 , creaturebox 0.7.6,EssentialsChat 2.5.7, DisableOrbs 0.1 , mcMMO 1.1.13, ObsidianDestroyer 1.052 , NoMoreRollBacks 0.4, Paintball 1.4, 2.5.7, AutoMessage 1.5 ,SpamHammer 1.7a , NoCheat 1.14f , WorldBorder 1.4.1 , uCreate 2.0.4 , WorldGuard "5.2.2" , MobArena 0.94.1 , ModTRS 2.0beta, Multiverse-Core ,ColoredSigns 1.1 , RawcriticsOreObfuscationPluginSpout , PluginSpy 1.0 , AutoClear 1.2 , WorldEdit 4.6, Permissions 2.7.4, VanishNoPickup1.9.12+essentials2, Factions , RemoveOrbs 0.1 , Multiverse-Portals 2.0-b184, Cabinet 1.7.1 , HeroicDeath 1.9.1 , Plugins_info 1.01 ,
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    And it will work with the plugins we have atm?
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    The best answer that you are going to get it "nes". Newer plugins and some older plugins have been updated to work with the new SuperPerms standard (bPermissions is a permissions manager for the SuperPerms standard). However, some plugins will never update because they have inactive developers. All SuperPerms Managers (PEX, bPermissions, and PermissionsBukkit) have things called "bridges" that make older plugins compatible with the new system. The bridges work, however they are known to cause various, unexplainable problems in the future. Some people never have any problems, but others have weird problems that can only be solved by removing the bridge and your older plugins.
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    thnx for ur answer :D
    1 hour reading fixed in 5 mins :)
    i will look at it tomorrow time to sleep now :p
    again thnx for the replys
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