What kind of plugins will break in 1.8?

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Do you think the ENDERMEN are going to wreck servers by moving blocks?

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  1. Yes.

  2. Nah, we will be fine.

  3. Oh god! Don't even MENTION the Endermen to me!

  4. Not sure.

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    Ok, first of all, I do NOT develop plugins, so I have no idea about this and it's probably a stupid question.

    Will loads of plugins break in MC 1.8?

    Also how long will the craftbukkit update take?
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    Plugins shouldnt break, and craftbukkit updates are usually quick...Usually they will come out with one quickly that is a little buggy, but then will come out with a better one
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    They only take one block...
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    And this my friend, is why you put a lava moat around your city.
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    But they can teleport...
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    my guess plugins that work with (Eating/ fighting / Mobs / Ravines) will end up being extremely faulty. To fix these the author will need to just add the required parts. Basically think this.... Anything that was added to minecraft that makes current things within the game "Better" will create an issue. [GEN] plugins will take the hardest hit becuase of the new map features that were added.
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    King Rat

    I may be mistaken, but as far I know, this is completely wrong.
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    Yes, but 1 + 1 + 1 + 1.... They could slowly eat through castle Walls...
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    To answer your question:
    nah just kidding ;) The plugins *should* be fine, although the server might be loaded a LOT more.
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    Any plugin that interfaces with Notchclasses will end up breaking.
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    They don't teleport at all to me. Maybe a bug which is getting fixed in the full release.
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    Endermen have spawning limitations like ANY other mob, and are also unable to pick up some blocks (like fences), plus, they die upon touching water, so unless you provoke one into chasing you in a well lit, well fenced location, by opening doors for him while you're at it, he's absolutely no problem.

    It's quite ugly tho when they take away logs from existing trees, they should make him more limited on the blocks he picks up.
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    Oh good! So that's why everytime I see one it's holding grass, not part of my house.
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    Haha, if that's true, I wouldn't mind personally. I run a PvP server and if someones defenses are broken through, it will add more mayhem to the mix!
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    I know this is completely off-topic, but since your a developer I had to ask!

    Would it be possible to make a plugin that makes Ghasts spawn at night in the overwod and burn in sunlight?

    Because I've been looking and looking and can't find any plugins that do the job...
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    Making them spawn is hard, maybe impossible.
    Making them burn in the sunlight shouldn't be too hard.
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    Oh so making such a plugin is out of the question?


    Oh well.
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    If you don't like endermen... /ban enderman Griefing

    Seriously speaking now - WorldGuard will probably have a thingy to disable Endermen map damage, and Essentials (and all other plugins that block mob spawns by type) will add an option to disable all Endermen. ;)

    I have creeper terrain damage disabled on my server not because of structure damage (WorldGuard!) but because the area around spawn got filled with ugly craters. I doubt I'll disable Endermen...
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    How about you forget to light an area of your house/castle/structure, and the SOB spawns inside... Have a few pig structures that are hollow, and now have random blocks missing lol.
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