What is a Greylist server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DaClowns, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Never heard of it before, what exactly is having a Greylist server?
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    A server that everyone can join, but they can't buil, until they, for example, apply on the server forums.
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    How do I make it so new people cannot build? Because right now they can and the "New" Rank has no permissions.

    Plus here is the "New" part in my YML plugin: groups:
    default: true
    - essentials.spawn
    - essentials.balance
    prefix: '[&eNew&f]'
    default: false
    - New
    - essentials.kit
    - essentials.balancetop
    - essentials.pay
    - essentials.sell
    - essentials.mail
    - essentials.mail.send
    - essentials.msg
    - essentials.rules
    - essentials.suicide
    - essentials.delhome
    - essentials.home
    - essentials.sethome
    - essentials.signs.use.balance
    - essentials.signs.use.buy
    - essentials.signs.use.disposal
    - essentials.signs.use.free
    - essentials.signs.use.sell

    And they can still build?
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    Use a plugin to restrict build rights. I use AntiGuest for my greylisting.
  5. Code:
    default: true
    - essentials.spawn
    - essentials.balance
          prefix: '&e'
          build: false
          suffix: ''
    prefix: '[&eNew&f]'
    Think you need the lates version of essentials for that.

    Edit: looked at the Latest RB, Its like this
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    You can do like ultimateminecraft.net does. They have a guest world and you can build there but not the member world. The guest world is reset every week. You apply for membership and take a test on things such as "What is griefing?" and if you pass you get to build in member world that is NOT reset.
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    Greylist is like your whitelist, only it does not use the whitelist. You would turn that off in server properties. Instead, you can use permissions to control the list. This way, you can allow people to come onto your server to check it out, but control what they can/cannot do. You assign people to certain groups, based on your server and how you want it set up.

    You would have a 'default' group in permissions. This is for those who are new to your server. You can give them any or no permissions, however you see fit. Next, I would have a group for 'Members'. These are the people that I trust to build/destroy, etc, on my server. The get promoted by me from default. Another common group is 'Moderator' which has even more permissions. And so forth, finally having your 'Admin' group, which could just be you, or some very well trusted members on your server!

    My default settings basically only allow people to come in and look around, and chat. Anything other than that, they have to apply for!
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