What is a good linux OS?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by winston100, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Hee, I tryed diffrent linux Operating systems and i search a good one with a nice style. What i tested: Fedora, Debian, Mandriva, Mint and OpenSuse. I like the style of Fedora but Fedora is not working really good with Java and Minecraft so i got problems with it. Who haves a good Os with a good style and can help me?

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    Have you tried Ubuntu? I use it on my servers and it works great for me. You can grab it from their website over at http://ubuntu.com/
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    This is the best one i've found. its a diviant of ubuntu and a cross mix between a couple others its really nice ive tested it myself. PinguyOS
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    For hosting servers, CentOS is good, but if you want something slightly easier to use, get Ubuntu
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    I DO NOT prefere Ubuntu, I think CentOS, Fedora, Macpup are great for you.
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    Debian is pretty good, very stable, it's the OS of choice for a LOT of people running various servers. There is also actually a Linux distro specifically made for Minecraft servers called MineOS. Haven't tried that one myself, but it's supposed to be designed with MC servers in mind and is optimized for that.
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    If you want to use a system to play minecraft ubuntu is the obvious choice cause it is most popular and there is best support to it.

    If you want to host there really is no difference what linux you choose. If you want you can take ubuntu and step by step make it into centos... Every distribution like ubuntu, fedora, centos etc. are based on the same idea of a system and really are the same... distribution is just a compilation of pure linux system with additional packages. And don't even start talking about kernel...
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    My personal favorite (i've used it for a while) would be the latest Ubuntu server release (12.04 LTS), with the xfce desktop installed on it.

    Very low memory usage
    While still retaining a basic GUI because no matter what anyone says, running a server straight from CLI is a pain in the a***

    Very basic if you want to use it as anything other than a server
    Requires a basic knowlege of Linux because the GUI isn't perfect

    Hit me up with a PM or just reply if you need any help setting up!
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    I always try and use CentOS when ever I am using Linux. I find it best for MC servers.
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