What I'd like to see ported.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Pawned, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. GriefAlert, WorldGuard, CraftBook, CraftIRC, CuboidPlugin, Towny, LocalChat, npcs, HelpTicket, Stargate, BedrockGapInsurance, BorderLands, Cleaner, ExactSpawn, MagicCarpet, Dynamic Map, BigBrother, SearchIds, ListColors, LWC, MCBans.

    Bit of a long list, I know. But these plugins are pretty essential to my server :). I know that some of these are getting ported anyway, but it's good to show my support, is it not? :p
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    Yeah, it's a long list. Expect to be waiting a while though. Probably nobody is going to bother porting something other than their own plugin, so you'll have to wait for the actual plugin author to do it.
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    CraftIRC is well on its way, and many of those on your list will be as well. If you haven't already contacted the authors that are currently not registered on the Bukkit forums, be sure to (kindly and neutrally) let them know that they may want to port them to Bukkit!

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