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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PapiDimmi, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Hello there! I had a wonderful Minecraft Bukkit server in 2012 - early 2013, and back then, I actually port forwarded. Well, now that I've changed router, port forwarding is no longer an option, and neither is Hamachi or µTorrent.
    If you help me find the perfect host, I will give you the rank Helper (quite powerful rank, actually) on my server.
    Please note that this is NOT a new server. As I said, I'm continuing to host my.. slightly, rather popular Minecraft Bukkit server from before.
    You do not HAVE to join my server if you help me. I won't advertise a bit, and I won't force anybody.
    I am NOT asking for help to port forward, I am asking for help to pick a Minecraft Bukkit host.

    My requirements for a server host:
    • Needs to be around the price range of 30 US dollars a month.
    • I need to be able to pay with a credit card or PayPal.
    • I need to be able to purchase the server outside of the United States of America - no Zip Code, et cetera, what-so-ever (sorry, I am not located in the U.S., believe it or not)
    • I need to be able to have a server folder (the folder that keeps the craftbukkit.jar) that has unlimited space. I actually have over 60 plugins. Yes, it's quite a lot, so the server folder cannot have a limited space.
    • The RAM should be 2,5 GB or greater. If no other option is available, then 2 GB would be okay, but not less what-so-ever!
    • The server needs to be up 24/7 (always up, every hour of the day, unless the host has uptime problems, of course)
    • Needs to be a well-known host. Doesn't necessarily need to be a super famous host, but not a new, very small host either.
    • Needs to support CraftBukkit/Minecraft 1.7.10.
    • No ads what-so-ever (like [Server] This is a HostNameHere annotation! Upgrade to Diamond to get rid of the ads!)
    • Needs to have 45 max players or greater. Unlimited if possible.
    • Full access to the server folder (again; locates the CraftBukkit.jar) at any time
    Optional requirements that would make the host better, but isn't necessarily needed:
    • Custom server IP, like MinecraftServer.hosthere.com
    • BuyCraft premium (trial, like 1 month or so - unlimited if available) included
    • Trial (NOT a demo, meaning all features available for a short period of time to simply test it out without any cost what-so-ever) - There is a little trial that I can try to make sure that said host is good
    Things I do NOT want you to say to me what-so-ever:
    • "I can host the server for you for $X a month/year/et cetera!"
    • "Just port forward..."
    • "Just use Hamachi..."
    • "Just use µTorrent..."
    • "Use this port forwarding tool..."
    • "Try this server host for $WayTooMuch a month/year/et cetera!"
    Servers I've thought about letting be my server host:
    I haven't really tried these because I don't know which one to use. You can recommend any host to be; doesn't necessarily have to be one of these three.
    Please do Note: This is not an advertisement to get people to join my newly hosted server, so I won't advertise the IP or anything. Join if you want, but I will appreciate any help! Thanks!

    Thank you! Ask me anything if needed! I'd be very thankful, and not angry what-so-ever. :)

    "What-so-ever" count: 6
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    Don't use withernode.
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    Umm, okay. I'm not sure you're telling me what to not use. I want people to tell me what I'm supposed to use.
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    Yea I'm not sure about good hosts just make sure not to use them.
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    Alright, but it's too many. Can you please tell me one or more server that I can use that fits to my requirements?

    Alrighty then, but can you tell me why I shouldn't use them?

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    They were having issues with servers that had dedicated IP addresses. They told me it would take 10 minutes to fix, then they told me 3 hours, and then it just went up from their until it became 5 or 6 days. They only refunded me for 2 days. Although they do have pretty fast support times.
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  9. McProHosting is a really good host, been with them for 3 years. Fantastic support, 24/7, 100% uptime, livechat and great DDOS protection.
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    I tried using MinecraftServerHost.net, but this is the message I got when trying to pay:
    MaxMind has deemed your order to be potentially high risk and therefore it has been held for manual review.

    I'll try HostHorde and Nitrous.

    Which one of these do you think I should go with?
    Nitrous Networks (screenshot)
    HostHorde (screenshot)

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    PapiDimmi I have had experiences with hosthorde and they were ok, not bad but not that good either. That was over a year ago so stuff may have changed.
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    PapiDimmi I've used hosthorde before a while ago for 2 months, and it was fine. In the unlimited plan, you can chose from what you need (They limit you're "unlimited", lowest at 6 GB).
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    What do you mean? That "unlimited RAM" really means "6 GB"?
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    No. That means your server has a soft limit of 6GB. You can request that they allocate more *when you have USD sufficient amounts of it*
    This would actually be against the rules.
    I still don't know why some people insist on using µTorrent when hosting a server...
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    Yes, I do know that it is against the rules. That's why I do not want people to say that.
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    I'm thinking of using HostHorde. Is it a good choice?

    I have over 70 plugins (I know it's a lot). Expecting around 40-100 people, maybe. At least not below 25.
    I need at least 2 GB of RAM or greater. I need a lot of memory in the server folder for the plugins and the worlds.
    I need a custom .jar, and I need to be able to configure all the files like if I was to host the server myself.
    The server will be version 1.7.10 of CraftBukkit.
    Would HostHorde fit me?
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    I always used SpartanHost, and I have never had any problems. They give you the choice of budget or premium. Their support is decent but not live, also their website contains no ads.
  19. PapiDimmi If you're using CraftBukkit, why do you need a custom jar? ;)
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    AdamQpzm There's a simple answer to that, min friend'o!

    Most CraftBukkit Minecraft hosts' latest CraftBukkit option is CraftBukkit 1.7.9.
    Since I'm using CraftBukkit 1.7.10, I will use a custom jar.
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    Nodecraft, their excellent, I've been with 5 different host, these guys are by far the best, their support response time is amazing.
  22. PapiDimmi I am starting a hosting company with my friend we hope to launch Saturday. We are priced at $4 a GB, if you would like to know more information just ask and I will be happy to answer whatever you would like to know. Yes we are fairly new but we already have clients and a support team. We fill all your requirements and all the optional ones.
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    Fadehost or Envioushost.
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    PapiDimmi If you pay me $500 a month, then I will host a Minecraft server for you. Not Bukkit, but Vanilla. 350MB or RAM, one world only.

    I hope you agree with this! :)
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    Agreed, although a tad on the expensive side.
  26. timbragg12
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    bwfcwalshy Nice, tell me when it's up and I'll take a look. :)
  28. timbragg12 We hope for it to be fully up on Saturday. We are still working on it but here is the site WEBSITE please tell me what you think.
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    bwfcwalshy Looks great :) I presume it is alternatehosting.net rather than alternatehsting.net which is what the hyperlink sent me to. :p
    Will certainly be interested in getting a server in the future. I am currently using mcprohosting but I looked at the plans and it seems you can offer me a (quite significantly) better offer.
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