What does Vault do?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by VitaminBoy, Jun 12, 2012.

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    What does Vault do for your plugins?
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    From BukkitDev:
    No other way to explain it really. :p
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    Vault allows you to easily hook into other Permissions, Economy, and Chat plugins.
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    Think of Vault as a 'mediator' or 'translator'. Your plugin 'speaks' Vault's 'language' by making function calls defined by Vault, and Vault then 'translates' and makes the function calls to one of the various different Permissions, Economy, and Chat plugins it supports. On start up Vault will detect which Permission, Economy, and Chat plugins are installed so it will know which calls it needs to make.

    What this means is that your plugin will be fully compatible with any of the plugins that Vault supports, but your plugin does not need to have any knowledge of which plugins are there, nor does it need to know the function calls or commands of those plugins. Your plugin needs only to know the functions calls of Vault.
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    Imagine your plugin is a computer. Vault is like an electric adaptor that allows you to plug your computer in any countries.
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