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    Hello minecraft server owners,

    What do you think about Mojang "sanctions" for the server owners (which can be found here)? Is it normal? Because now, in my opinion, Mojang get money only for good, intersting servers (like: shotbow, hive, mineplex and e.t.c), which selling the "kits" or something like that, that violates the rules of EULA. I believe that most players only play on these servers, not in Single Player mod. I think, the creators of the game have to pay money for the owners of the servers for such awesome ideas and work. Minecraft requires a lot of resources to keep the server, and a lot of money, you know. And they still want to restrict the ability to recoup the costs of hosting. I my opinion, after this "sanctions", the popular servers will shutdown and Mojang earnings will gradually fall.

    This is just my opinion, as a server administrator. Sorry for bad english.
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    They only made positive changes, the EULA always was that no money could be made whatsoever. Now it is possible but only if this doesn't give advantages for the player who donates.
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    Well, the EULA was much harder before, but practical Mojang wasn't interested in servers breaking their EULA before.

    I (as a player) think, Mojang should allow server owners more rights.
    Because I think, everyone can decide for himself, whether he wants to play on a server.
    So if a server offers that big cheating kit for donaters I just stop playing on that server, because then it makes no fun.
    But what is, if the kit is better then the kits for non-donaters, but not that much, or even not rrecognizeable? It still makes fun for me and I keep playing on that server.

    However, there is a bad side of the EULA for the players now, I think:
    1. Smaller servers can't live, since they have not that much donaters.
    2. You are only able to play on a server if you "donated".
    3. The server laggs more, hasn't that much slots as before, since they don't earn as much as before.
    4.Features I don't want to miss (like friend challenging, ...) that are currently available for everyone will get restricted to donaters only.

    So in conclusion, I don't see the big need for restricting the ways server owner can earn money (just don't play on pay2win server), but I see a few disadvantages now.
    So good idea Mojang, but not good done.
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    Oh THIS topic again. ;)

    The problem about SP players is, that you won't see them. They don't show themselfs in some stats and you never recognise their activity, as they might not even have permanent internet.

    On the other hand you're right that big amount of players play on super servers.

    As already mentioned, the new EULA does allow MORE things to server owners and does regulate a previous unregulated market where many actors only had profit in mind.

    And I think the market will not crash because of this. Some scam server might go offline, some not scam servers might need to reduce their size (e.g. less servers for unplayed games).
    But I even think some servers will grow due to this change. Because a fair game is more fun and makes ppl more willing to pay.

    The "everyone can decide for himself" is nice, but many people actually can't. Especially if you keep in mind that many MC players are underaged. Consumer protection is important and should be made by those who have power over it.
    At least we do so in europe. ;)

    1. server owners always have to keep in mind that they might pay the costs alone, I do so for myself
    2. only if these servers enable this
    3. only if the servers downgrade their hardware. But lag is a mayor down factor in competition. As lagging server will be less visited and therefore fail sooner or later
    4. no, the oppsit. Features only premiums have will be available for everyone and premiums won't be "better" than normals anymore.

    Also, look at EA. This is the shining example, that people pay money for scamming crap. ;)
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    Do you know the game "League of Legends"? It has a similar concept: The game is totally free, you can only buy pure cosmetical items (such as skins) for hard-currency (real money). The concept works, and the firm (Riot games) with only LoL as their game has not gone bankrupt even though their servers run perfectly fine. Of cause in LoL, you have to play on the official servers, but I do think this shows the potential of the concept Mojang wants to interduce to Minecraft. As others have mentioned, small servers will properly have to go down, but the number of servers I like to play on (those with fair gameplay), and there are not many currently, will increase - so I'm happy :)

    At least it is good that Mojang finally has allowed server owners to get money for their servers, but the EULA does need some tweeks. In the end, it could just be like before: Many servers offend the rules (as they had before), but nothing will happen from Mojangs side such as with pirated Minecraft versions. It would not be a clever move from Mojang to kill almost all servers on August 1st, and I don't think they will.
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    I don't known, how to keep server in a country, where mentality is another, where just only donatings is unrealistic thing? I agree with @Zubsup, because players have a choice, where they can play. Do not think, that I selling Pay to Win perks. I hate this, but in my server it is very balanced, because I known, that if we will make a OP kit's or something like that, in server will play only 3 donators...
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    Yeah, I just started up a new server and I think this EULA is ridiculous! All the small servers and even large servers that run primarily on rank and donation to keep running will shut down because they can't manage the costs my themselves. Which I believe in turn will cause a dramatic drop in the number of players, playing minecraft. Think about it, the top servers that everybody loves playing, if they shut down and theres only a small selection of servers left, would you still play? I really wish mojang wouldn't do something like this seeing how the majority of servers rely on making money to put back into the server. I know unless I still get donations, i'll have to close my server down aswell, I just can't afford to blow money and get nothing out of it.
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    Rule of thumb for small servers:
    If you can't pay for it by yourself, don't even start.

    You can never expect others to pay for your hobby.
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    So? For example, I can buy host for a 2 months, but not always I can spend my money on it... And if it country, where host costs very very expensive. For example I spend for the good machine 116 EUR in my country it is a half of minimum wage.
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    I just came up with another question: What about voting? Can servers pay (in-game) money for players to vote on server lists? Paying someone money to vote for you seems pretty corrupted and is illegal in real-life. Why should it be legal in the Minecraft world? Does the EULA say anything about that? I would appreciate that server lists get fair again, as of right now they are just "the server with the most players and the best rewards for voting gets the most vots and is the most popular" ...
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    Zettelkasten problem is that you cant really define votes EULA side, being that votes are basically minecraft server lists 'currency', with no possible control of mojang.
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    When you start a server you have to know how to pay for it before starting. You can't just run a server and expect everything to be financed by sales, especially if you and your target audience live in a country, where the income/servercost factor is very high.

    Especially for small servers you can't rely on sales, as these are too irregular. You need either need to have enough money by yourself or people who agree to help you paying on a regular base. (E.g. pay 5€ per month)
    Also, I think 116€ is way too much for a "small" server. I pay 50€ per month and get a server capable of multiple 100 players at the same time.
    Maybe you should switch your server host to something cheaper. I don't know where exactly you live, but I assume somewhere in europe, so you might consider hosting in another EU country where servers are way cheaper. (Germany, France and maybe UK for example)
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    Since I've never charged players for anything, this new EULA doesn't affect me.
    The problem I see with it though is enforcement.

    How is Mojang going to enforce it?

    Will they prevent your server from querying the authentication servers?
    Suspend your MC acct?

    Also, you could take the stance that the fees you charge players is not to access the server environment, but instead its a fee they pay to send traffic over your internal network.
    Since your router is owned by you, and you have sole discretion on who you charge ( or not charge ) for the ability to send their IP packets across your network interfaces, mojang's Eula loses all its teeth.

    I don't think the new EULA will change anything, since I see no way they could even enforce it.
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    I'm not worried about this EULA thing. It's not like they're going to examine and sue every server out there. Just like with downloading music and CP, they only go for the fat cats with gigabytes worth of illegal data. But just to be on the safe side, I have a question:

    What about offering ingame currency? It's not that much of a powerup assuming you don't have a donor-only 'admin shop'. You still have to find willing players to buy stuff from.
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    It seems to me that Mojang's EULA is only for Mojang software.

    I host my server with bukkit and don't even use Mojang software.

    Not sure if Mojang even has any legal right to dictate what I do with my server.
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    The EULA is clear about this:

    It might be something different if you can only buy cosmetic items for in-game currency, but generally it is not allowed.

    When using Bukkit, you still use Mojangs multiplayer core (all that NMS stuff) and you still use Mojangs game, so yes: They do have the legal right to dictate what you do with your server at least up to certain points.

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