What Do Server Owners Do?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nepenthesis, Sep 5, 2014.

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    I guess Bukkit 1.8 won't be available for a while, if ever, from what I'm reading. Seems like a big legal dispute now.

    My server was build around Bukkit... I don't know any other way to control permissions and keep players in check. Is there a way to do this without mods like Forge that the client has to download too?

    What am I supposed to do? Because honestly, I'd have to basically whitelist my server and kick almost all the players off that I don't know well in order to make sure the people who regularly play and I know don't get griefed.

    This is making me stressed and obviously I can't keep the server 1.7.10 forever... Is Mojang DEFINITELY going to continue development? :(
  2. Bukkit is fine. CB / Spigot are the issues.
    AS for the future of Bukkit, time will tell.
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    Sorry to announce it to you and the rest of the community here, but Bukkit and Craftbukkit are on life support as a result of being metaphorically shot in in the lungs and are bleeding to death on the operating table, gasping for air and life in the form of legal battles. Success rates on that type of surgery are very low. The end is nigh. Better call in a priest. I hope Bukkit's soul is in check for the afterlife.
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    So what would be the next step to control permissions?
  5. You need a splash potion of healing and 50 capable staff.
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    I can only tell you one thing: good luck. (You could wait for mojang's plugin api or sopnge)
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