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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Gunnerrrrr, Dec 17, 2013.

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    I shut off my server about 4-5 months ago, and haven't been involved the Minecraft community since. I have decided to start a server again. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to fill me in on any new or /better/ plugins. Such as Prism over Logblock.

    These are the core plugins I know of now:

    - Multiverse
    - Essentials
    - bPermissions
    - Vault
    - VariableTriggers
    - Lockette
    - NoCheatPlus
    - Worldguard/Worldedit
    - Votifier
    - HomeSpawnPlus
    - Prism

    If there are any new plugins that have "taken over" any of the listed above, please let me know :)

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    Personally, the only one i can say switch out would be bPermissions. But that's just because i prefer GroupManager.
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    I agree with Evildude221: I much prefer Group Manager as my permission plugin.

    I've never actually used bPermissions before, but I'd have to say that the two most trending permission plugins right now are Group Manager, and PermissionEx.
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