what are the SCRAPBUKKIT commands?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Octane, Jan 15, 2011.

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    hi guys, so scrapbukkit is a plugin, i know /time day and stuff like that, thats it, what are te commands? i have used the search function for the forum and have not found it, the guys building bukkit aught to make a forum list its commands at the minimum, but instead they build it, add it, and let people guess what it does and so on......
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    /time - results in current time (13.00)
    /time 13 - sets the time to 13.00
    /time day - makes it day
    /time night - makes it night
    /time raw - results in current raw time
    /time =24000 - sets the current raw time (48000 is two days)
    /time +1000 - adds raw time (1000 is one hour)
    /time -1000 - substracts raw time
    /tphere Dinnerbone - teleports the player named Dinnerbone to you
    /tphere * - teleports every online player to yourself
    /tp Dinnerbone - teleports you to the player named Dinnerbone
    /tp Bukkit Walrus - teleports a player named Bukkit to a player named Walrus
    /tp * Monster - telports every online player to a player named Monster
    /givetest itemnumber quantity
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    I have a checkin I requested get merged earlier tonight that adds:

    /time sunset
    /time sunrise

    .. so this may be added in the future if the bukkit gods smile on me.
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