What are some plugins a PvP Faction server should have?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xGcoinx, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Hey guys! I run a pvp faction server and well, I wanted to know what plugins I should add to the server to give it that extra burst of functionality. Please give me a little help here. Thanks!
  2. It depends on many of things. Do you plan on using economy for your server? How about silk spawners for donaters? I don't know. Give me more info and I am sure I can help.
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    I run a dual survival/Factions server. I've found the following plugins over the course of several months and they work finely on my server. The following list is the ones that apply to my Factions world. The ones in bold are essential to fix glitches or hacking, the rest are for cool features.
    • BoatBug (prevent people glitching through walls using boats)
    • CampFire (PvP protection for new players)
    • DragonAntiPvPLeaver (prevent people from bitching out of combat by closing the game)
    • EnderpearlDisable (prevent people from glitching through walls using pearls)
    • MobCatcher (mob grenades trololol; suggest disabling creepers due to potential abuse)
    • NoCheatPlus (stop them motherfrakking cheaters)
    • NoGolemLoot (fix the iron golem dupe bug)
    • NoobKit (give new players some basic tools)
    • Orebfuscator (stop them motherfrakking xrayers - remember to set it to engine 2)
    • Player Heads (players drop skinned heads on death)
    • Reforestation (trees replant, prevents deforestation of your world)
    • WeatherRestrictions ("OMG ADMIN IT RAINS 2 MUCH PLZ FIX IT")
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    McMmo, Factions, Essentials.
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    Do you have teamspeak? I'll give you the IP and we can chat about it.
  7. Yeah I have teamspeak.
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    wow! Thanks!

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