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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by BillyBlaze, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Hi guys. It just struck me that I haven't seen a world gen mod yet that takes advantage of the new height limit. So here I am, requesting it - because it would be AWESOME!

    What I'm thinking of is for example (and primarily) bigger mountains. Probably wider and bigger overall, but mainly taller. Imagine how great it would look with tropical islands rising out of the sea with mountains that reach the old heightlimit, or possibly even more. Same goes for any other terrain. There's simply no reason the terrain shouldn't be "bigger" anymore, as far as I'm concerned, and taller (bigger?) mountains and hills would also make the contrast to flatter lands look even better. Would appreciate someone taking a shot at this!
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    I've been watching this hoping someone would take interest, because while I've never used a WorldGenerator before, something like this would definitely motivate me to try. Heck, even raising the sea level to around 96 at the same time would have a tremendous effect on ocean size, while at the same time expanding the cap for mountains to a higher level.
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    Do you want to make a mountain range? in your server? i can rcomend terraforming plugin that is called 'voxelsniper' from the voxelbox you can make custom terrain in your server.

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