[WGEN] PermaWorldGenerator 0.1 - Permanent world generator [1.0.1-R1]

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    This world generator is the implementation of the current Minecraft (1.0.0) world generator in a bukkit plugin without some populators. It is intended to be used as permanent world generator, in parallels with an normal Mincraft world. When used with a normal world, the permanent world is used to build structures and the normal world to gather resources.

    This plugin make your world permanent by implementing all the world generation code (so your world will stay compatible whenever a mincraft update is released and modified the generator) and removing all the possible annoyance that can trouble your underground building process. See bellow the list of modification made to the Minecraft generator.

    This topic is a placeholder according to the actual situation of the plugins submissions process. Please, avoid to submit any reply and follow the link to Bukkit Dev. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Approved, as always a little description here may be nice.
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    @md_5: Good point! And thanks for the fast approval.
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    This must be brand new! If Iv'e read it right, it will update my world every minecraft update without the need to generate a new one? Sounds cool enough :) Anyways keep going with your plugins development, it never hurt bukkit to have a few good contributors like yourself! Cheers!

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    Actually, no. This plugin is an independent version of the 1.0.0 Minecraft world generator, with some special modifications. This plugin will allow you to keep your world, even if the Minecraft world generator get modified (but this plugin will not keep your world updated).

    Let say the world A, generated by this plugin, and the world B, generated by the Minecraft world generator. If the Minecraft world generator get modified, you still be able to run the world A, but you won't get the new feature. This is the specific purpose of this plugin. It modify the Minecraft world generator to make the world A the best world to build your stuff (see the modifications list on Bukkit Dev). I use the world A in parallel with the world B where I gather my ressources (with the awesome plugin Multiverse). With this setup, I will never lost any of my construction, but I will still be able to get all the new blocks.

    If you are looking for an independent version of the 1.0.0 Minecraft world generator, but without any modification, look at this plugin: OneHundredGenerator - Minecraft 1.0.0 world generator

    Thanks! I appreciate. ;)
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    It all makes so much sense! Maybe a new feature would be to implicate world updating while keeping our builds ;O? I know my players would have been pretty sad without nether fortresses!
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    Could you also make a 1.7.3 generator and maybe an alpha gen? That would be really awesome for a multi-world server.
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    The 1.7.3 generator already exists! See this bukkit dev page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ptm173/
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    Well, ive got a question. We got a really big world with dungeons, towns, modified places. Over all it sucks if mojang do any change to biomes or something that makes our big snowbiome into an oceanbiome or something.

    So i go right, that this plugin prevent this? So the biomes of our server would be , if we update to 1.1/1.2/1.3, the same as before? No snow or something in our towns?
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    Everyone: I just notice that I have put the wrong description in the first post of this thread (I have put instead the description of my other world generator plugin). I have switch the description now. Please see OneHundredGenerator if you were looking for the other plugin.

    You are surly looking into a 1.0.0 world generator. In that case, you should look to this plugin. By using this plugin, you will ensure that any new generated chunk will be compatible with the old one, even if you update your server and the world generator has changed.

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