[WGEN] OH F*CK, It's the apocalyyypse !

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    Hi guys !

    I'm looking for someone who should be able to reproduce this solo mod : http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic...ow-with-new-ruins-and-graves-10000-downloads/ on multiplayer, on bukkit of course.

    Ofc you can improve it and add, for example, some new biomes or some new caves, you know, this stuff.

    Cause my server is apocalyptique but my generator isn't so much. I have BananaGen:hilly now and it's not very good like this. xD

    So please, I know a lot of peoples loves Apocalypse, go on and make this a superb World-Generator ! :D

    Thank you. :)


    So... Lil up... For hope ! :3

    Is any god here ?

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    Use the search more :D
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    *came back from a long time ago :p*

    No, I'm not looking for this kind of map, so unrealistic...

    I just want a big desert, you know ? :)

    With ruins.
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    Anyone can answer to that request ? :(
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    Ehh... You want... just desert?
    How about you use worldEdit and...
    //select world
    //replace leaves air
    //replace grass sand
    //replace log cactus

    That will probably tell you:
    A few million blocks were changed and it took ****ing long
    But hey, you'll get what ya want that way
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    But it wont generate desert but normal land, will it?

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