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    King Rat

    OceanWorld - Generate vast ocean worlds!

    Version: v0.2 This is a really basic World Generation plugin, which creates a huge ocean world when loaded.

    Some lovely news!

    Due to popular request, I'm gonna start rewriting this, and allow admins to configure the block types in each layer! I'll have it out sometime tomorrow :3

    • Quietly generates a huge ocean!
    • Now with permissions support!
    • Extremely easy to run and generate, and uses little memory!
    • Simply write /ocean to teleport, and /leaveocean to get back!
    Permissions Nodes:

    - oceanworld.enter
    - oceanworld.leave

    Download here!
    Source Code

    • 0.2.1 - Fixed a spelling error. Yes. A spelling error.
    • 0.2 - Added support for Bukkit's new permissions, and fixed the /leaveocean command
    • 0.1 - Initial release
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    King Rat


    on a less important note, let this shit die already
    (but thanks for the updates and stuff)
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    Hey man, I just gave them what they wanted: an updated version working with 1.2. No need for hostility.
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    when i type in /ocean it just says /ocean back. why?

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