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    King Rat

    OceanWorld - Generate vast ocean worlds!

    Version: v0.2 This is a really basic World Generation plugin, which creates a huge ocean world when loaded.

    Some lovely news!

    Due to popular request, I'm gonna start rewriting this, and allow admins to configure the block types in each layer! I'll have it out sometime tomorrow :3

    • Quietly generates a huge ocean!
    • Now with permissions support!
    • Extremely easy to run and generate, and uses little memory!
    • Simply write /ocean to teleport, and /leaveocean to get back!
    Permissions Nodes:

    - oceanworld.enter
    - oceanworld.leave

    Download here!
    Source Code

    • 0.2.1 - Fixed a spelling error. Yes. A spelling error.
    • 0.2 - Added support for Bukkit's new permissions, and fixed the /leaveocean command
    • 0.1 - Initial release
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    Nice plugin, but those hands are kinda freaking me out :/
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    Is there anyway to remove the ice?
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    WorldEdit is the best solution after all.
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    King Rat

    Gimme a second, I'm releasing a new plugin, which creates multiple worlds of any block you like, just gimme a second to fiddle about with it :D
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    View the bukkit API *I think
    Can you post some Screen Shots?
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    King Rat

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    Does this plugin simply raise the water lever but otherwise use the same generation? If yes, how high is the water level? I'm hoping to have a separate water world with water up to 120 (as opposed to 64).
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    Dude the world isnt that big and normal minecraft takes over really quick. I was hoping i wouldnt have that border for 2000 blocks :(

    Could you make a config file for the world size in tiles? That would be perfect.
    I mean 150 blocks isnt enough! Its my main world!

    Oh and here is some[diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    try this in bukkit.yml

            generator: plugin
            generator: OceanWorld
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    The Link doesnt work :(
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    Awesome plugin man!
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    Do you make plugins on request?
    Because I need something like that to my server, but that generates a big (not infinite) ocean in an already exiting world.
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    I'm sorry, but this "error" is ridiculous.

    If I make OceanWorld the default world, it generates MC chunks, even with the plugin in.
  15. Would you please read 4!! posts above yours? (Thats HERE)
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    King Rat

    That's because bukkit generates the default world before the plugin starts. I could get around that fairly easily, but I didn't think anyone was hoping to use a giant ocean for their default world.

    Edit : I see people are interested in having it for a default world, so I'd recommend using something like CleanroomGenerator instead. It using a different (and much better) technique.
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    We have used Cleanroom. it's not as nice as yours :)

    We really liked yours, and we're working on a "pirate" themed map. We currently have a 6000*6000 map with nothing but your plugin for generating the world (then we edit in islands)
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    King Rat

    Well, I like the idea :D I really don't have time to change this right now, but you could try using multiverse or something? ^_^
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    do these oceans have islands here and there?
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    i want to ask something. is it possible for me to use this generator on the normal world so that when i generate new chunks it generates oceans? so i could keep alternating between the normal world generation and this one to generate proper landmasses with oceans between them.
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    King Rat

    That would look horrible.
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    why? i would of course use voxelsniper to make smooth transitions between sea and land.
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    not to be a mean, but.. *puts on sunshades* pics. or GTFO.


    srsly though. Any pics would be very nice.

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    Can I
    wait nvm..

    So my land generator isn't able to generate the land for it since its in a separate folder and all.

    Maybe declare it as a world generator?

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    hey! this is a greate plugin! but will it generate unlimited water? or will the ocean "end" ? :p
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    This plugin would be perfect if I could configure the content of the ocean, i.e. how much water and what's at the bottom. You have something above that says that you would update it. Do you intend on ever doing so?
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    Still working good on 1.1

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    King Rat

    it's discontinued and it sucks, use something else
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    [quote uid=84463 name="King Rat" post=973084]it's discontinued and it sucks, use something else[/quote]
    Hey everyone, I really was looking forward to using this plugin with 1.2 so I could create a world from scratch with VoxelSniper on the new world height. It is certainly sad to see King Rat is not updating it anymore, so I took it into my own hands or a simple update. I did remove the commands functionality, because I'm a noob at this, and it's pointless to me; just use the plugin with Multiverse or something similar. Everyone can use my updated version until someone else decided to update it and do a better job than I did. :)

    Source: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Plugin: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Like I said, it's only usable with something like Multiverse or by using Bukkit's worldgen feature, etc. But it's updated and functional as far as I can tell. Only bug I think exists is the water is splotchy with biome colors. ;) Someone else can fix that, I don't much care personally. Enjoy.
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    1.2.3 update please :) this is a great plugin :)
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    King Rat himself said it is discontinued. If you'd take 5 seconds to look above your post, you'd see that I kindly updated it, albeit with a bit of a loss in "features" and possibly a few bugs.

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