Inactive [WGEN] Nordic v0.2.0 - Add nordic landscapes to your server! [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Add nordic landscapes to your server

    Version: 0.2.0 [1.2.3-R0.2]


    Over at BukkitDev => Link

    Source can be found at GitHub: Link

    Nordic is a Worldgenerator which creates a world that will have a nordic looking. There are continents and smaller islands, lakes, a custom Treetype, some caves and all ores/mushrooms/flowers/lava... whatever you need. Most of the screenshots were made during development using the seed 1337 if you want to try this world. You might experience some strange spawning locations and some strange blocks around the generated lakes, but it should be very rare.

    You have to know how to edit the bukkit.yml or use a plugin that does this part for you, like Pinapp.
    The command & permission beneath are not needed if you use Pinapp or edit the bukkit.yml, i just left them in so its possible to take a look on a Nordic world without doing any configuration stuff.

    MOAR SCREENS!!111 (including a shiny 360° panorama)

    Also thanks alot to @codename_B for allowing me to use his BlockPopulators.

    And as always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome, hope you like it.

    • /nordic <worldname> <seed>
    Creates a new BananaNordic world and ports you in the world. If there already is a world with the given name, you will just be ported in the world.

    • nordic.command
    Gives access to the /nordic command

    If you don't use a plugin that does this for you, you have to edit the bukkit.yml file. Add the following and insert your worldname:

            generator: Nordic

    • 0.2.0
      • Updated for new chunk format
      • Added new lake populator
    • 0.1.4
      • updated for latest RB
    • 0.1.2
      • fixed load:startup in plugin.yml
    • 0.1.1
      • permission nordic.command now defaults to OP
    • 0.1.0
      • initial release
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    so for the command whats the seed just put seed?
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    This generator seems to leak ram a bit on newer bukkit builds, it still works, but my server would run out of ram a couple times if I generated a world under this generator to a 1k unit radius border.
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    I'll look into it
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    Love This Plugin But Where Can You Find The Rivers?
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    can you tell me how you transport to the world after you leave it so eg i did /Nordic and it ported me to the world then when i restarted my server it sent every one from the Nordic world to the spawn in the normal world how do i get back to this Nordic world
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    in the - you need to put in the Nordic world into the level-name=

    so level-name=Nordic

    This is the most basic way to get people to spawn in the world you want. There are plugins to make it more specific of spawn location and other nice features
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    wow.. ! nice I use tham
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    Just giving this one a bump out of solidarity and admiration. It has such good potential. Is anyone interested in developing it further? (The original author seems to have gone AWOL)
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    any1 know what the coordinates of the screenshots are
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    small update, should work fine with 1.1-r4, more info at bukkitdev
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    I already have a world manager/creator. Will it work if i do world_nordic?
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    should work fine along with other wgens if you set your worldmanager up properly.
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    so /world create world_BananaNordic will work?

    i feel a little bit upset about the /nordic command.
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    kaasinees what worldmanager do you use? just look in the documentation of it there should be more info about it. all you should need from BananaNordic is the Generator-name, which is BananaNordic
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    i am using myworlds. my point is that the /nordic command is redundant ..
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    it absolutely is redundant if you use a plugin for world management. It is just here so ppl can try the wgen without the need to set an extern plugin up to try it out.
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    Nice! :D Are you planning on developing it further? It could become something really special i think.

    I found this nice flythrough on the intertubes, enjoy! Might be something to add to the dev page?
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    Epic! I got a small island that looks nearly identical to the one a couple of miles away from my grandparent's house :3
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    Can this work with Multiverse? if so how?
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    Where can I download the world generator '' Nordic '' ???
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    Uploaded the new version for 1.2.3-R0.2 to BukkitDev
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    is this mod compatible with Mineral veins?

    Want this :O
    but dont want to lose my 3x diamond generation in mah servur. :(
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    just took a quick look at mineral veins, should be compatible as far as i can tell
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    Cools :D thanks ill give it a shot, awesome plugin btw :O
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    which biomes does this affect? or all of them?

    it would be totally awesome if i could have my jungle biomes built by your tropic worldgen plugin, and the forests and plains by this one
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    First i have to say that this plugin is really awesome ! The world Nordic is really beautyfull !
    But (Yes, they're always be "but") Since I created a world by taping : "/nordic" i can't breake blocs. And when i said "I can't" I say : when I break a bloc i'm disconnected and a message appear like this : "Disconnected, Internal server error". I have this when I'm not on /Gamemode.
    Could you please help to resolve this problem ?
    Here there is my log :

    In my server's folder, there are two new world : Nordique and world-nordic. But, the world Nordique is "on" my main world, named... world ! and the world world_nordic is also on this world. I really dont understand why, but i hope there is an answer for my problem...
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    varkoh that looks more like a spout related bug, i've never used it, so i can't really say anything apart from the information thats in the stacktrace... looks like it fails to drop a block after it was destroyed... on your multiple worlds, if you use the /nordic command without any parameters it generates a world named "world_nordic" that might be the reason for the 2 nordic worlds
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    I have tape spout.jar_off, and now spout is off and i can break block. Then the problem seems to come from Spout. Maybe not up to date... Thank you for your help, and for "save" me from that.
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    works with 1.2.4 minecraft!

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