Inactive [WGEN] Nordic v0.2.0 - Add nordic landscapes to your server! [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Add nordic landscapes to your server

    Version: 0.2.0 [1.2.3-R0.2]


    Over at BukkitDev => Link

    Source can be found at GitHub: Link

    Nordic is a Worldgenerator which creates a world that will have a nordic looking. There are continents and smaller islands, lakes, a custom Treetype, some caves and all ores/mushrooms/flowers/lava... whatever you need. Most of the screenshots were made during development using the seed 1337 if you want to try this world. You might experience some strange spawning locations and some strange blocks around the generated lakes, but it should be very rare.

    You have to know how to edit the bukkit.yml or use a plugin that does this part for you, like Pinapp.
    The command & permission beneath are not needed if you use Pinapp or edit the bukkit.yml, i just left them in so its possible to take a look on a Nordic world without doing any configuration stuff.

    MOAR SCREENS!!111 (including a shiny 360° panorama)

    Also thanks alot to @codename_B for allowing me to use his BlockPopulators.

    And as always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome, hope you like it.

    • /nordic <worldname> <seed>
    Creates a new BananaNordic world and ports you in the world. If there already is a world with the given name, you will just be ported in the world.

    • nordic.command
    Gives access to the /nordic command

    If you don't use a plugin that does this for you, you have to edit the bukkit.yml file. Add the following and insert your worldname:

            generator: Nordic

    • 0.2.0
      • Updated for new chunk format
      • Added new lake populator
    • 0.1.4
      • updated for latest RB
    • 0.1.2
      • fixed load:startup in plugin.yml
    • 0.1.1
      • permission nordic.command now defaults to OP
    • 0.1.0
      • initial release
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    Looking into this.. May prove to be extremely cool for certain build projects :D
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    Um there is a glitch where The normal world begins to generate scattered around the world. Isnt it supposed to be infinite? And is it advisable that I use it as my main world or will that cause glitches?
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    did you edit the bukkit.yml file? and i never tried that... may be possible

    EDIT: updated the op, thought i already added this here...
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    Oh sorry I knew how to do that but Generator: Nordic wasnt working but its fine now.

    EDIT: Actually yes there are still scattered chunks about 300 blocks out. I tried using Pinapp but got the same result.

    Ok Put BananaNordic as the generator in pinapp and now it works fine. Very awesome Genarator By the way.

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    Very Howling Fjord
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    It Seems that your plugin.yml file is incorrect,
    You have: startup: startup
    Not: load: startup
    So the plugin incorrectly works when trying use it on just the default "world"
    I went in and manually edited it just so I could use it, But other than that, I love this plugin, thank you so much for it.
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    @uhtr5r uups right i'll fix it tomorrow, thanks for pointing it out also nice to hear you like it
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    updated to 0.1.2, fixed the load:startup
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    It works with RB 1185! Its awesome.
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    yep changed version
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    ok.. so loaded up your plugin with worldguard, worldedit, and worldborder.. adn the server is so over burdened the users just keep getting kicked.. prior to 1.8 we ran 8 separate worlds..

    Did a fresh map with it.. figured we'd play with this while we wait on an actual complete release from mojang.. I've looked all over.. can't find a bottle neck with munin.. everything is loaded on an 8GB ram drive with the server running on another 8GB's.

    However.. if we use the map generator.. no more than 3~4 people can get on before the server pukes..

    any clue as to why? Does my server just absolutely hate your plugin? CB1185

    Will run it by itself tomorrow (no world* plugins) and see how it goes.. I just can't seem to figure out what is going on here.
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    Should we still be expecting mine shafts and canyons and towns with the new update?
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    @Gicon that sounds strange... the world generation takes longer then the vanilla, but it shouldn't kill the server... Tested it yesterday on a 1GB vserver with 2 other ppl and it didn't lag more then before 1.8, althought we aren't using worldguard/worldborder.

    I would like to hear if you made any progress figuring out whats the cause of it

    @Mcmaxx those things aren't part of this worldgenerator, if you want them you have to use the vanilla minecraft wgen
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    Will biomes still be there? Or will the entire map be lakes and forest. I'm fine without a desert but snow would be nice in parts
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    @s1mpl3x yeah.. it's baffling me too.. about to get started trouble shooting it now. will update when I know more.

    EDIT: turns out.. I have bad ram.. the center is in process of replacing it now.. dumb luck/coincidence I guess.. Love the generator.. as does my users.. top notch mate. :)
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    @Gicon aw well thats bad
    @Eclipse54 show isn't generated but will be there after a snowstorm since the results looked bad when i tested it i left it out
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    im also getting it generating normal world beyond the first part that generated..... my default world is a regular world. and i use myworlds plugin and this nordic one is my 3rd world. but i was hoping for trees and forest endlessly. if there was a way for me to use this with mcedit to manually generate a large world that would be fine but i cant get that to work either.

    Edit. I tryed pinapp and now it just generates the same small nordic area and then suddenly it generates a huge swamp and after that nothing but an endless ocean with small islands........
    id: 7
    seed: 1337
    generator: BananaNordic

    EditEdit. Fixed the problem with the "myworlds" plugin by using thier world generation command this now works perfectly
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    Hey, Can you upload a premade Bukkit.yml for us I am really confused as to what to do with it.
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    How did u make it work with MyWorld? - I mean which command did u use? I cant make it work.

    And when running it like this, it gives me just a small area of Nordic, and rest usual generator.
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    /world create worldnamehere:BananaNordic 1337

    /world create = the command

    worldnamehere = your worlds name

    : = very important YOU NEED THIS!

    banananordic = generator

    1337 = seed

    myworlds rocks completely awesomeness after the last update
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    I'm got this odd landscape!
    Help please!!
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    This is my absolute favorite plugin of all.. Problem is, it lags the fuck out of my server. Why? :-/
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    I didn`t understand how to install it???
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    what are the coordinates from the screenshot with the 2 lakes and the waterfalls?
    i allready searched the world for about an houre >.<
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    Love this generator. the world is so awesome
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    is there a way i can make just this world pvp?
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    this happens to a lot of my worlds...even one of my single player worlds :confused: ...still have no idea how to prevent it

    but my Nordic world is great! does anyone have a seed for one with good waterfalls??
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    Is there any way I could use this as a main world? I'm a bit confused, I don't even want to use the normal world, just this. How would I go about doing that?

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