Inactive [WGEN] More Silverfish v1.0 - Add Silverfish colonies underground [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    More Silverfish is a Bukkit mod that adds randomly generated Silverfish colonies to any Bukkit world. Silverfish colonies are of random size and shape, but are always contiguous (so they will properly swarm).

    Silverfish colonies will only be added to newly generated chunks.

    Installation: Drop in the Plugins directory and restart the server.

    Configuration: config.yml is automatically created the first time the plugin starts.
    lowestLayer: The lower boundary where Silverfish colonies will spawn
    highestLayer: The upper boundary where Silverfish colonies will spawn
    percentChance: The percent chance a chunk will contain a Silverfish colony
    colonySize: A multiplier that controls the size of the generated colonies
    debug: Enables debug mode (must add yourself)
    worlds: A list of worlds to add Silverfish colonies to

    Note: When debug mode is on, glass blocks are placed in the sky above Silverfish colonies and the console prints out details each time a colony is created.

    v1.0 Initial Release
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    Is that glass added by debug mode using fake glass blocks that only the debug players see?
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    No, they are real glass blocks. Debug mode is best used on a private test server to experiment with the settings before deploying to a production server.
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    As always nice, approved.
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    What kind of collinys like are there tunnels or are they spawned in as the blocks
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    They spawn as silverfish blocks that look like smooth stone.
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    can you convert all smooth stone to silverfish blocks? eg put the size up until all stone in the chuck is silverfish?
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    I wouldn't recommend it. That would most likely crash your server.

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