[WGEN] Giant Caves v2.1 - Add ENORMOUS caves to your world [1.2.4]

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    Giant Caves - Add ENORMOUS caves to your world
    version 2

    BukkitDev link for download

    Giant Caves is a bukkit mod that creates giant underground caves in the world. The caves are generated using Perlin noise seeded by the world seed. Caves are unique to each world.
    Giant Caves is implemented as a bukkit block populator and is compatible with the vanilla world generator and most likely any world generation plugin that implements the chunk generator pattern.


    Drop GiantCaves.jar into the bukkit plugin directory. It will create its own configuration file with default configuration options. By default, Giant Caves is configured to populate the default world called "world".

    Within config.yml is a series of key/value pair blocks, one for each world under the "worlds:" key. To bind Giant Caves to a second world, copy the key/value pair block under the existing block.
    Below are extended descriptions of each of the configuration keys:
    name - The name of a world to apply giant caves. This value must match the name of the world in the bukkit.yml file for Giant Caves to attach.
    sxz - Horizontal stretch (larger number = wider cave). This parameter controls the horizontal stretch of the Perlin density map. Making this value larger will stretch the caves horizontally, increasing both the size of the caves and the spacing between them.
    sy - Vertical stretch (larger number = taller cave). This parameter controls the vertical stretch of the Perlin density map. Making this value larger will stretch the caves vertically.
    cutoff - Minimum Perlin density cutoff (-100 to 100). This parameter controls the Perlin density cutoff point between cave and not cave. Lowering this value will increase the overall volume and frequency of caves. Raising it will do the opposite. Values outside the range will be treated as the maximum or minimum values.
    miny - Lower bound of cave zone. The lowest block layer Giant Caves will populate.
    maxy - Uppoer bound of cave zone. The highest block layer Giant Caves will populate.
    debug - Turns on invert mode for experimenting with config values (true/false). When set to true, Giant Caves will fill caves with stone instead of air. Use this feature in combination with an empty world generator like Null Terrain to visualize the generated cave structures. You can use this visualization to experiment with how the different configuration parameters change the structure of the caves.

    For multi-world support, add more config blocks (starts with a dash) in the config.yml.
    Download from Bukkit Dev

    Change Log
    Version 1 - Initial Release
    Version 2 - Fixed lava/water pillars
    Version 2.1 - Improved cave generation algorithm.
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    great, i waiting for this :D
    can you add like ice cave or fire cave? ;)

    sorry for my bad english
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    What would an ice or fire cave look like?
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    Wow.. Giant cave.. Thank a lot
    I want in the cave
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    Well a cave made out of Ice blocks? (Ceiling, walls, floor...) and fire cave just the same as normal caves but with lots of lava pools =)
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    am.. i want ice block because.. just like
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    Is there a problem lad? It's actually a quite useful plugin that causes 0 zero lag unlike worldEdit.

    Thanks for your plugin, loving it :)
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    for ice cave, floor and walls made of snow block for top of cava make like real cave but made of ice ;)

    fire cave uhm, mix nether with normal cave :p
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    Yes..! fire cave mix with netherrack!
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    Are the caves big enough :)

    I'll look into fire and ice caves.
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    large cave with ice spike on the top cave
    and for fire cave its large cave too with dirt spike and much lava pool

    for model cave is up to you :)
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    I hacked the raw chunk matrix to get the necessary performance.

    The algorithm for cave generation combines two octaves of Perlin noise. The first octave is vastly stretched with a high cutoff to get the overall shape of the cave. The second octave distorts the noise field with small perturbations that add variance to the cave walls. A linear function reduces the Perlin density near the upper and lower cave bounds to keep caves from generating outside the established boundaries. The code should be pretty easy to follow.

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    Testing this, looks promising.

    Start up error;



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    Carlos Fuentes

    So how would this work? When I use multiverse to create a normal world named "world" it would make it have large cave systems underground?

    If I already have a world named "world," will it change that world?
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    Giant Caves is a terrain generator. It only affects new chunks. To use it with multiverse, you would have to create a new world.

    Update your bukkit.

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    To what? It's 1337.
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    Hi i have i little problem. When i start the server and it's preparing and when it's done on the end i have this:
    "Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it"
    why i have this?
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    Your global permissions.yml file is empty, so the server is ignoring it. This has no affect on Giant Caves.
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    But that file isnt Giants cave's Config.yml file? So if its empty giants cave didnt work well isnt it?
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    I have no idea what you just asked. permissions.yml has absolutely no affect on Giant Caves.
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    The cave generation algorithm has been improved. Here is an example of what Giant Caves can do.

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